Mobile Phone, Broadband and Cable TV tips


Does anyone have any tips for someone very new to HK regarding Mobile phone, Broadband and or cable tv services ( providers, plans, options etc )

Thanks in advance.

I use

Smartone for mobile phone, and PCCW's Netvigator for broadband, and am happy with both.

I don't subscribe to cable TV, but the two main options are to get traditional 'cable', which also has an internet option, or to pick up a broadband TV subscription from your broadband provider.


PCCW . . .

It's hard to avoid paying money to PCCW, frankly -- I use them for all three services, i.e. mobile phone, Netvigator broadband, and broadband TV. Their service levels are variable , but once you get things working, they're usually solid.

One piece of advice: if you do sign up for, say, Netvigator Broadband + broadband TV, make sure you take the time to suss out the current package deals on offer, and even try a bit of bargaining, perhaps. I found broadband TV's menu of channel options quite daunting, i.e. it was hard to point to one of the pre-set packages and conclude, 'That's definitely the one for me!'. But if you start adding a lot of channels a la carte, the monthly fee adds up very quickly. Also note that if you're a sports fan, ESPN is disproportionately expensive.

Good luck!

Until I left HK a few months

Until I left HK a few months ago, I had PCCW Broadband and Broadband tv and Cable tv. Although signed up a couple of years ago, both PCCW services cost almost 500/m, cable tv about 250/m. Choosing the right package is difficult. And yes, once set up PCCW service was pretty good and unusually for HK the customer service were helpful. PCCW are a money grabbing large corporation but only i-cable as the other main choice. English Premier League is on cable.

For NOW broadband TV price,

For NOW broadband TV price, it really depends on your package. Mine's only about $100 dollars with ALOT of channels (don't even have time to watch all these). You just have to catch the right time to get the deal. It was easy for me coz my friend works at PCCW and she'll help me get the best deal.

NEVER EVER use i-cable!! There service sucks and they suck up your money without giving you ANY service!!! It's NOT only me, many of my friends also have same problem as me with I-cable!!!