When Yoda writes your copy


So funny in hong kong,

So funny in hong kong, english language signs are. However, all clear to me, it is. Yeesssssss

You know did not, to my

You know did not, to my cousin in the relevant department all signage in hong kong goes. Yes, hmmm.

LOL! Don't they

LOL! Don't they have...ah...like...proper English classes in Hong Kong? :O

English Classes

Yes they do. But as an English speaker trying to learn chinese I can only imagine the difficulties of a chinese person learning English. The main problem I'm having is that the word order is completely, completely different in chinese to anything in the western languages I've studied.
that's one point. But it doesn't really excuse them not having some kind of editing department to iron this stuff out before they go to the expense of having the sign made up!

Not too shabby

The translation might have been done by one of those free online translation websites. At least, the meaning has not been totally lost, but much is desired from the grammatical standpoint. Also, it is much cheaper to use free websites than to hire a good translator. LOL!