Menus of Meaninglessness

Well, I'm just local Hong Kong guy who pass by....
I'm interested to know what you guys think and feel about living in Hong Kong (since I'm batgung too). So, I read some of your articles.

About the "Menus of Meaninglessness"....
Even the tranlation of those dishes in Chinese is weird. There is not such thing name Cheegay in Chinese food.....

Well, I think it might be a Korean cooking style.

Wish you all wealth and health.

PS. - I do agree that some Hong Kong people are rude... but not all.

Re:Menus of Meaninglessness

Hello Chinese Guy, thanks for writing - you're right it was a Korean restaurant in TST. I was more worried about what "beancurd dregs" might be, having seen what was sloshing around on their kitchen floor !

Cheers, MrB