Me and My Fiancée would like to move to Hong Kong and would like some advice/help

Me and My Fiancée would like to move to Hong Kong and would like some advice/help.

I'm 1/4 chinese because my Ganddad is english but my Grandma if chiese (which would make my dad 1/2, my mum is english)
Would this qualify me to live in HK or would i need a visa

Also i know my Fiancee needs a visa, but how hard would it be for us to find work?

She has just graduated as in Enviromental Science, and i have no more than Business A-Levels.

Non of us speak cantonese but are keen to learn, however we can't find a place in the North East of England to teach us (around Durham/Newcastle way). Has anyone got any suggestions?

We both also are not sure on what things we need to do before we can move over their, where to check house availability etc.

We both really have our hearts set on moving and are willing to do anything that will make it work.

Could anyone give us some much needed advice.

Thanks guys.

Best wishes!

I don't know how the Immigration Department here goes about assigning citizenship to mixed race people. My guess is that 1/4 isn't going to cut much ice with them, but it won't hurt to ask. If you don't get any special status, then you'll have to get sponsored for work visas just like everyone else, and if you're not yet married, then you'll both have to have such visas.

For the language issues, have you checked out The Cantonese Sheik? He's UK-based, and you should find his site very helpful.

Mr Tall