hk <> shenzhen living/working

Can anyone recommend suitable housing areas for an expat couple with husband working in Shenzhen Luo Hu and wife in Central/Sheung Wan. Husband will not commute everyday from HK, maybe 3-4 times/week. Commute to the Island should be no more than 45-50min. Rent budget around 14k.

We are currently eyeing Tai Po and University. Any advice on Kowloon Tong or other areas that may have some expats? Overall we'd like to stay away from big housing estates and prefer more the villa type. Is this possible with our budget?

Cross border issues

How is your husband planning to make the trip? That is, is he going to get the train and cross at Lo Wu, or does he want to take a cross-border bus? If the former, then definitely somewhere on the KCR is the obvious choice. 14K should get you something fairly nice in Tai Po; it's not a fortune in Kowloon Tong, which is an expensive neighborhood. University is really mostly the university; there are some developments in the area, though you'd likely not be in walking distance of the train station.

One thing to note is that it'll be harder to find villa-type housing right by the train stations in your price range, as they're in pretty congested areas; you'll very likely need to take a bus or minibus if you live in one of the low-rise estates, then the train.

But I don't know these areas all that well. Readers, any suggestions?

Mr Tall