Singing in Honh Kong

Hi Mr Tall
I am soon moving with my family to Hong Kong. I have many questions but the most pressing is: are there any Acapella choirs in HK who may accept an average but enthusiastic singer from Australia?

Re:Singing in Honh Kong

If Mr Tall doesn't have any ideas, you might try writing to one of these :

Or there's always Karaoke :)



Hi Possum;

Actually, I've been a choir singer myself at earlier points in my life, so I've looked around a bit here, but have lacked the time to join up anywhere. I have a bit of a soft spot for the local Bach Choir, since a former colleague of mine sang with them; if you're not a pro but have some musical background and would like to participate in a good quality group, they're a good option. There are numerous other groups, though, including a Welsh men's choir, so a look at the site Mr B recommends and a bit more web searching should line up some possibilities. The upshot is, you won't lack opportunities here.

Mr Tall