seaching for many new international friends

hello, everyone. i am going to meet a new friends who are from other country for example indian, thailand, etc. it is also wellcome to all people who are moving to hong kong. no matter the ages, gender and nationality. i hope we can have a culture exchange and have more communication. it is a very meaningful experiences for us.

therefore, if you are interested in the cultural communcation and exchange. please reply me and leave an email to me if you dont mind. as i hope we can keep in touch to be best friends.

Dear CCSSS, I don't think


I don't think anybody would have replied to you. The very reason is - you have not been kind enough to publicly advertise who you are. How do you expect others to reveal their identity. See - unless you advertise your complete profile, nobody would ever want to talk to you. Networking will all depend upon group's socio-economic cultural and educational status. So don't expect big.