getting dizzy above hkg

i have friends arriving soon...and i used to take people to the furama revolving restaurant (wow it's a while since anyone visited!!)

i've heard about the R66 in the hopewell centre....anyone been? anyone care to share?


Re:getting dizzy above hkg

Hi Fiona,

I went there a few years back - also with visitors in tow. The Furama was a great combination of food and view, but from memory the Revolving 66 wasn't a match for either. I'd suggest a trip to the Peak for the views, then somewhere else for a good dinner.

If you're going to be in the Hopewell Centre area anyway, you might just take them for a ride in the bubble lifts up to the revolving restaurant level and down - that's what I remember as the most exciting part of the visit. Or if you are planning to stay there for a drink...
- Allow time for one full turn (I think it gets its name from the fact it takes 66 minutes to go round once??), as if you start at the worse point you are going to be watching the hillside for some time
- Give it a miss on foggy, humid days, as the aircon inside means condensation outside, and so not much of a view.

More ideas on keeping visitors amused here.


Re:getting dizzy above hkg

Thank you mrb.....noted with appreciation

I do miss the good ole really was an institution, so stuck in the 70s...when I first was taken!! Do you remember the evening entertainment, the korean ensemble!!!!

i love the peak...especially the beautiful circuit walk around lugard road at twilight

I attended Royden House School in Hong Kong also

Hello Fiona,

I stumbled upon one of your message - that you once attended Royden House School in Hong Kong. I am just very curious what year was it ?
I was a student too at Royden during year 1973 thru 1978.
You can reply me at


Skip Hopewell

The first and only time I've been to Hopewell's revolving restaurant was when I first arrived in HK. I've wisen up since then and have never been back. The view was great and a revolving restaurant is always a good gimmick but the food was attrocious and more so the live music. I've never been so afraid of getting food poisoning!!

We like taking visitors to The Peak and then dining at Cafe Deco. They've always been impressed by the food. The food selection is also great - Japanese, Western, Indian food, etc, a good idea when people want different things to eat. We've even gone just for their most delicious nan bread! It's the best (always taste so freshly baked) in HK! And you can actually watch the cook make and bake them in an authentic Tandoori oven! One more tip - beware of the vindaloo. It is "bomba" (Malay for fire engine), flames-coming-out-of-your-mouth, smokes-bellowing-out-of-your-ears, tears-streaming, spice-choking HOT! But it taste oh so goooooooood!!! :P