Buying Silk and other Fabrics in Hong Kong

We've got visitors arriving shortly, and they have asked where they can buy fabrics. MrsB suggests Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok, or one of the China Products stores.

Does anyone have any other good recommendations of shops / areas that are good for buying fabrics ?

Thanks, MrB

Re:Buying Silk and other Fabrics in Hong Kong

china prods shops are good, sometimes a tad pricey....trip to shenzhen can pay for itself if you're looking for enough yardage!!

there used to be an angus something (?) near the airport that advertised probably in dollarsaver, but haven't seen any ads for ages

some of the shops in li yuen street get in good bolts now and then

oooohhh how i miss 'cloth alley'!!!!! :)

Re:Buying Silk and other Fabrics in Hong Kong

Thanks Fiona. I left them in a China Products Store before they headed for home earlier in the week, so I've yet to hear how the shopping spree went. They had bought two extra suitcases, so it sounded serious!

Cheers, MrB