Help with Renaissance College

My daughter has just been admitted to Renaissance Collge in Ma On Shan. I have heard great things about their Mandarin teaching. Unfortunately, we have reached the deadline for a decision (meaning: time to put down your $!) at Yew Chung and a couple of other schools. RC is not ready yet to give tours, and so I still have not had a chance to see the school in person. Would anyone on this forum be able to answer questions about RC, particularly with regards to Madarin teaching at the primary level (number of hours per week, etc., etc.) or to put me in touch with someone who could? The place looks great on the basis of their website, and I have heard many glowing reviews, but my inability to see the school directly over the last 6 months of the application process has been a bit frustrating!

Thanks! Nathan

Don't join YC! They are

Don't join YC! They are putting all the resources into China. The standard is going down.

Any school is better than

Any school is better than Yew Chung.
Do not waste your money.
Like someone said, you are putting in the $$ and they are re-channeling all those $$ to China.
They are going to open a community college now. AFTER they have started their $200K debenture program from secondary students.