Best notebook/price range?

Hi all,

I'm going to go to HK in late december, and I'm going to pick up a notebook (well, hand over some cash too :P). (I'm then going to china for a while.)

Anyhow, after surfing along a few sites (and reading a few recent HK computer magazines from a friend), Centralfield *seems* to be the cheapest at 7400hkd (the cheapest Centrino one.)

A few friends have recommend a notebook with a bigger brand (HP, in particular).

Do you think I should go with Centralfield, or HP? And also, what are the chances of haggling down a few hundred/thousand bucks on a notebook?


Best notebook/price range?

Personally, I'd wait until you actually arrive in Hong Kong and then you can see what range they have here. There are many places which sell notebooks - the most famous one being Golden Computer Centre. Theres also MongKok Computer Centre and theres a few other small ones. These are not departmental stores, these are computer stores (you'd be crazy to buy a notebook from Fortress).

As for brands, I would have to agree with your friend that more reputable branded names such as (Toshiba, Dell, IBM, HP) are better, however the price would definately be over HK$10,000.

Chances of haggling a few hundred/thousand bucks? A few hundred maybe but I highly doubt in the thousands. (Do remember, if you pay by credit card, I think 3% is slapped on as well.)

Re:Best notebook/price range?

Centralfield is actually in the Golden Arcadde in Sham Shui Po, so when you get to HK, go there, find their shop (easier said than done!), check their prices (they change weekly in HK!), then go with what's cheapest.

Centralfield aren't usually the cheapest there, but there probably won't be much in it.

You can always haggle a little - maybe 10% for somethings, but I dunno about laptops.

Some funny looking Asian brands like Asus and Acer and Samsung have good products. Samsung, in particular, have a range of very nice notebooks at the moment. Centrino processor, wireless, XP, etc - very nice.

I have a very low opinion of Compaq myself, having had more than one friends Compaq's break in highly strange ways.