Things to see and do in Hong Kong: Rainy day options


HK’s museums are reasonably diverting, if not wildly inspiring. The Art, Science and History museums are all in Tsim Sha Tsui, and all are accessible by bus or MTR.

The art museum has some nice displays, but its flagship exhibit comprises a great deal of Chinese calligraphy, which is pretty hard for non-Chinese to appreciate beyond a cursory glance.

The science museum gets good marks. It's nothing world-shaking, as this kind of museum goes, but it's got the requisite hands-on exhibits illustrating electricity, biology, sound waves and so on. If you've got small kids, the downstairs section has a great soap-bubble-making area that's a sure hit. Overall, good value for money.

I’d recommend the history museum quite highly: it’s recently moved to brand-new premises, has been completely redone, and is certainly worth two or three hours. The space museum’s a bit jaded, but if you like IMAX style movies, you can see one any day, albeit in a much-less-than-ideal setting, i.e. projected onto the ceiling of the museum’s dome.

Mr B adds:I went along to the Hong Kong Museum of History for the first time since it moved out of Kowloon park. I always enjoyed going to the old building, and the new one is even better. Unless you are a geologist/botanist/archeologist it’s probably worth moving quickly through the first three sections. The later sections talk about life in Hong Kong over the last couple of hundred years, and are the parts I found most interesting.

You can find maps, opening times, etc. here.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The only thing to watch out for is the chilly aircon if you’re carrying a baby or have a young child in a pushchair.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Hong Kong’s wartime history, and don’t mind a bit of a scramble, the Shing Mun Redoubt is also well worth a visit.

Our reader Odaiwai also recommends:

If you’re in the mood for history, try the Hong Kong Musuem of Coastal Defence.

It’s signposted from Shau Kei Wan MTR station on Eastern Hong Kong Island.

Entrance fee is $10, and there are lots of exhibits of Hong Kong’s defences through the ages. The most fascinating parts of it are the WWII exhibits and the Military uniforms.

Also, there’s a little cafe, and if you go out on the balcony, you’re overlooking the harbour at the eastern end. You could practically spit across it here.

It’s fascinating if you’ve an interest in historical Hong Kong.

Don’t forget to go down to the Brennan Torpedo room down by the water. It’s an interesting exhibit and it brings you to eye level with the ships going in and out of the harbour. Plus it was developed by a cunning Irishman in Hong Kong, not that I’m biased or anything.

Afternoon tea at Ritz or Peninsula Hotels

I’ve only had tea at the Peninsula once, as I’m not really a scones-and-jam kind of guy. For some HK visitors, however, this is a high point. Nice hotels, these, and if you’re into this scene and are willing to pay the piper, they’ll tea you up real good.


Hobby and Toy Museum

I'd put in a word for the Hong Kong International Hobby and Toy Museum as a nice place to visit.   It's located in Yaumatei near Temple Street. Lots of classic and vintage toys, movie figures, etc on display. Kids will particularly like the cartoon characters section and adults may well find various items nostalgic.

MTR: Yau Ma Tei station, near Exit C
Bus: Nathan Road and Man Ming Lane bus stops
Taxi: Man Ming Lane Park, 330 Shanghai Street, Yaumatei