Short Term Apartments in Hong Kong

I'm moving to Hong Kong early next year. While work shouldn't be an issue, I'm not planning to stay longer than 6 - 8 months, and apartment hunting in Hong Kong seems almost as troublesome as here in Tokyo. Can anyone recommend short term apartments on Hong Kong island? (Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, etc.)



Might I suggest a google search: "Serviced Apartments Hong Kong"

It throws up a wealth of sites

Stay in a hotel first?

Hi Velshin,

I haven't got any direct experience of using these, but as Fiona notes, there's plenty of choice.

At the cheap end there are monthly packages for hotel rooms, eg The Wesley in Wanchai from appx HK$12K.

Then there are serviced appartments in the $15-30K range in Wanchai and Central from companies like 163 and Shama.

If budget isn't an issue, there are fancier choices at Pacific Place and Four Seasons Place.

It's difficult to choose based on the websites and their attractive photos. Unless the companies tell you they have a long waiting list for their properties, it might be easier to stay in a hotel for a week or two, then visit and choose your appartment in person? Hong Kong is very compact so you could visit these plus several others in a couple of days.

Regards, MrB

Thanks for the advice. The

Thanks for the advice. The wealth of results on google -- and the lack of quality -- was among the reasons I posted here in the first place. I've been to HK a number of times so scouting from a hotel shouldn't be a problem.

mrb, mrtall, Fiona -- I dig the fantastic content on this site! Cheers!

Here's some additional short term apartment links in case someone comes trolling here for the answer later:


Thanks for the links

If you get a chance, once you've finished visiting the apartments please could you let us know what you found? I'm sure many other people will have the same questions as you.

Enjoy your time here in HK,


Apartments in HK are easy to

Apartments in HK are easy to come by compared to Tokyo! At least in HK, people will actually rent to foreigners, a concept that I found amazing when I moved here after living in Japan for 2 years.

Here is a site that is used by locals to find apartments, note the cheaper ones usually don't have pictures.

and here is another link to a relatively cheap place

I've found that even apartments that require a "1 year lease" minimum are sometimes negotiable for shorter stays, especially if the building has lots of vacancies and the landlord is desperate. Good luck.

An easier search for short stay apartments

Hi Velshin,

an easier way to find short stay apartments is to select some from listing pages. They usually have already selected the best and show lots of info on the apartments, so you don't have too go mad looking for hours on the internet and prices are not inflated.
This is a good one I found:

It shows great photos in the flash version,good info and you can get in touch with the property managers sending an enquiry directly.

Good luck!


I am looking for short-term

I am looking for short-term rentals in Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui. Could anyone recomment anything good? It's quite difficult to find something for short-term as most of them require the minimum of 1 month.

Thank you in advance.

Sounds like your options

Sounds like your options are to stay at a hotel or guesthouse. You might want to say more about how long you plan to stay, your budget, and what facilities you expect, to see if anyone else has experience to share.


Dear MrB, thank you very

Dear MrB,
thank you very much for your reply.
We will be staying in Hong Kong for the period June 12 to June 29, 2007. The most important facility that we would need is Internet connection and washing machine preferred too. The budget would be like up to 20,000 HK dollars for 2 weeks, which is like around 1400 HK dollars daily.
I would appreciate any kind of information.
I have been searching online a lot, but most of the places have the minimum of 1 month.
Thank you for any kind of information.

Best regards,

If you want to be in the

If you want to be in the heart of TST, you might be able to get a suite at one of the cheaper hotels at that rate. eg try the Renaissance, or Miramar.

Or if you don't mind staying just outside TST, 'rent-a-room' looks to be worth checking.

Good luck - and we'd be interested to hear where you end up staying, and how it works out.


Thank you for

Thank you for recommendations. Will try those. And will write what place we will decide.
Well, actually, if we wont find anything good in TST, then HK island will be like a secondary option because my boyfriend will be working in HK island area, so we would like to look for something in wan chai too, as a possibility, but the thing is we like kowloon side better, so looking for something in TST first.


Shorter than a mont?

Does anyone know about serviced apartments in HK that could be rented for just - lets say ten days instead of a month. Most of the links given here are for monthly rentals.


Can anyone please help me

Can anyone please help me find a short term lease 4 months I am going to start renovations on my current flat. I have three cats so service apts dont work. I have looked at all the obvious website ie expat hong kong. HELP!!!

Cats & Flats

That's going to be a tricky one. Maybe look at a cattery for your cats, while you're in a serviced appt?


Thanks but no way. Only

Thanks but no way. Only cat/dog people would understand that.

Maybe you can check out

Maybe you can check out Olympic Terrace in Sham Shui Po -
The rooms are nothing fancy but they state on their website that small pets are allowed. I also have three cats plus a dog myself so I understand you wouldn't want to board your cats unless it's a last resort. Good luck!

You are a star!!!! Many

You are a star!!!! Many thanks. Cant tell u how helpful that info on olympic terrace was.My stress levels have disappeared.Have booked it!
Many many thanks

Serviced Apartments

If budget isn't an issue and you have kids, I'd definitely go for Parkview.  Added bonus that there are so many expats there with kids who are just moving in you've got instant friends from day one just by hanging around the swimming pool.

Shortstays in HK


I just wonder whether do you or anyone have any informations on the short stays in HK likes less than 7days , pls help to share by rtn. thanks

Short-term accommodation: Under a week

I asked a few places last summer, and the majority have a minimum stay of 30 days. The only exception I found was Central 88, who have a minimum stay of 3 days.


Need apartment/studio for 10 days hong kong

hi i am coming in business trip for 10 days from 19 till 29
need to rent apartment or studio for 1 person in hong kong
preferred to be with good view and modern furniture and must have internet access

one month rent in Central/Wanchai/Sheung Wan needed

Dear All,

can anybody help me? I am looking for one month rent one bedroom apartment in any of the 3 areas stated in the subject.
I can spend up to 13.000 HKD.

Moving in middle March.

ANybody has any suggestions for me?

Tks to all


Try craigslist?

Apart from the serviced apartments listed above, I see the 'sublets & temporary' section of craigslist shows some monthly rentals within your budget.


Hi Alice, I have a 590sq ft

Hi Alice,

I have a 590sq ft furnished flat in Chai Wan.
20min direct bus to Central, Wan Chai and admiralty

please give me your email
I can give you the picture


Sheungwan room available

Dear Alice,
I have just what you want in Sheungwan within your budget. Bran new studio flat. Nice new furnishings. 20th floor with good balcony from where you can see the boats go by.
Get in touch,
Bob 60713864

I will be staying in Hong

I will be staying in Hong Kong from August 6- September 10 2008. And we need a place to stay, does anyone have an available apartment during that time? My budget is below 10 000 HKD. Thanks!

Looking for a service apartment/ apartment for 1 - 3 months

I am coming to Hong Kong to work on 9 April 2008 to 1 to 3 months. Hope to get a small apartment OR room near Central Or within 20 mins bus journey. Hope that the apartment have the basic facilities eg : TV, DVD player, Washing Machine , beds and internet access ..
My budget is around $10,000 - $11,000. Please email me if there is any place to recommend. Tks

6 to 7 weeks apt needed on HK side

Hi MrB and MrT, I know you guys probably didn't want to turn this into a "classified section", but seems like some folks for listing stuff here, so I figured why not? Hello folks,I will be needing a place for 6 to 7 weeks starting June 15th through July 31st, I would very much like to find out if anyone has a room that they would like to rent out during this time period, or their apartment.  My budget for this time period is $10K.My work is in the times square building in Causeway bay, would like to stay within 1 to 2 metro stops from there for ease of commute.thanks,Willis

Need 2 month apt or serviced apt

Hello all,

I am looking for an apartment or serviced apt for about 2 months for less than $12,000HKD/month. Must be close to MTR station. Any info or ideas ?