Shopping in Kowloon

Having just returned home from a wonderful visit to Hong Kong I would like to make people aware of the EUNOS COMPANY on 75 Peking Road Kowloon. 

If you intend shopping do not use this shop as they do not care for the customer all they want is a big profit. 

Having researched 2 cameras before leaving UK I shopped around and found my bargin in EUNOS unfortunately they did not want me to leave with my bargin but persuaded me to buy a camera that I hadnt researched telling me it was the latest and a far better model.  I bought it .  When I got home I found the same model in the Uk £100 pound cheaper infact for the price I had paid I could have bought a higher spec camera of the ones I had researched   BE WARNED always check and stick to what you know


re: Shopping in Kowloon

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Purchase Mobile phone model philips Xenium X100

I have just purchased a Philips Xenium x100 from Eunos Company, 75 Peking Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. When I returned to the Uk and attempted to change my current mobile sim card into the Philips I found the card shape was completely different and will not fit! When in the store I was informed by the eager salesman that any sim card woulf fit. This has clearly proved not to be the choice and other than flying all the way back to HK there is not much I can do other than throw away the Philips. Please be warned when shopping in this store!