Living in South Horizons - Ap Lei Chau

Does anyone know anything about living in South Horizons on Ap Lei Chau? I just accepted a teaching position at one of the international schools and will be moving to Hong Kong from Chicago this August. The school gives teachers the option of either living in an apt in South Horizons, or providing you with a stipend to find your own place. I'm a 31 year old single woman, and am wondering what this area is like... is it isolated or in a good location? Is it easy to get to other areas?

Any input would be appreciated - Thanks!

South Horizons

Here is one source of comments about South Horizons (though bear in mind that it is a site selling real estate, so some of the writers will be biased).

It is on the South side of Hongkong island, so not especially near the main shopping / nightlife areas which are on the Northern side. But the island is not that large, and you can probably get to any of those areas by public transport in 20-30 minutes max. I guess that it is also close to your school (?), which will save time commuting to and from work.

South Horizons is built on the seafront, and has a pleasant promenade where you can walk to get a feeling of open space. That can be a good thing if you're moving from overseas, and are not used to living in a crowded environment like Hongkong. Also the South side of the Island has some nice beaches nearby, if you enjoy beaches and swimming.

So, not a bad place to live. Is it possible to sign a lease for say 6 months? That makes the arrival to HK easy, as you know you have accomodation taken care of. It also gives you time to settle in and work out where you'd really like to live before you rent somewhere yourself.


South Horizons is nice to live

I have been living in South Horizons for nearly 10 years. It is a popular residential areas located in the south of Hong Kong Island. Pleasant areas with an above average club house facilities. It takes only about 20-30 mins to go to the shopping areas like Causeway Bay and Central.

The sizes of each flat varies from over 600 sqft to 1200 sqft. Those near the seafront are very nice, but have to consider you may find the noise of those boats are quite irritating. Basically is not a bad choice for an expatriate.

Hope that helps

about ap lei chau

just wanna add my points to South Horizons. This residential area is quite for middle-class families in hk and the rent is quite expensive and it is considered the best private residential estates in southern hong kong (many locals have this in mind).So, it would depend on the stipend your employer will give you. I also agree with Mr B's suggestions to sign a least for 6 months. It is a good idea to live close to your workplace because traffic is always busy in the morning everywhere in hong kong(there is always congestions in the Aberdeen tunnel and this is the only tunnel for ppl to travel from elsewhere to southern hong kong), that's why local ppl prefer their apartments stay close to MTR stations(subway system in hk). that's why the hk government is planning to extend the MTR HK Line to Southern Hong Kong. Wish you have a good time teaching in HK!

South Horizons

I have also been living in S.Horizons for over ten years and I agree with the comments from the others. I really like living there. The air is fresh compared with other parts of H.K. and the facilities are good (decent supermarket, restaurants, banks, shops as well as the Residents' Club, which gives you access to the gym, 3 swimming pools, racket sports etc.). If you are working at the Singapore or Canadian International School it would be an ideal location as they are very nearby. As far as transport to other places goes, the bus service is excellent, and you would rarely have to wait more than 10 mins for a bus to Wanchai, Admiralty, Causeway Bay or Central. The Aberdeen Tunnel gets congested in the morning rush hour, but at other times it's fine. I work in Kowloon and it's still O.K. for me.

I hope you enjoy your time in Hong Kong.

I have lived in South

I have lived in South Horizons for over 10 years too, and I will say what has already been said about it, which is that it is a great place to live.

Depending on which side of South Horizons your apartment will face, you will either get a view of South Horizons Drive (the road through which all traffic will pass), the South Horizons shopping centre and facilities, Lamma island, Mount Johnston (the immediately adjacent hill) or Aberdeen and its typhoon shelter.

South Horizons is divided into 4 phases, with Phase II having the most expensive apartments. Phase I and IV are located close to the neighbouring public housing estate, which is a more shadowy area than South Horizons.

South Horizons is serviced by buses, taxis and minibuses, which are very convenient as this means the city centre is usually only 20 minutes away. There are plans for extension of the Hong Kong metro system (MTR) to service South Horizons too, but in any case it will not happen yet. There is also lots of greenery in the estate and there is a seaside promenade which is always a peaceful retreat.

The sporting and leisure facilities are excellent, and the shopping centre, although not enormous, can provide for daily needs. There is also a McDonald's and KFC there!

Not sure if you will experience a culture shock when you arrive at Hong Kong, but if you do, South Horizons will certainly be a comfort.

Enjoy your time in Hong Kong! (I'm guessing it's either one of the ESF schools, Singaporean or Canadian schools in the Southern District.

Ap Lei Chau

My girlfriend from Australia, Julie has just started teaching in Hong Kong and has just secured an appartment in South Horizons, Ap Lei Chau. I'm in contact with her by Skype phone for a chat. She finds the apartments a good place to live with easy access to the whole of Hong Kong and good facilities nearby.

Good Luck,


ive been lving in south

ive been lving in south horizons for more than 13 years, and its probably the most convenient place in hong kong.

it has a great view of hte sea, and of lamma island and aberdeen.

It is about a 20 minute ride to central.

it has its own shopping mall, although small, you can get whatever you need there. clothes, bedsheets, food, shoes, swim wear, bread to tv's phones, and ipods.

There is also a wet market, which is probably in my opinion more fresh than park'n shop. Although dirty, it is also a bit cheaper.

Its a great place to live in

Its a great place to live in , Just accept it it without any hesitation