Short Term Apartments in Hong Kong

I'm moving to Hong Kong early next year. While work shouldn't be an issue, I'm not planning to stay longer than 6 - 8 months, and apartment hunting in Hong Kong seems almost as troublesome as here in Tokyo. Can anyone recommend short term apartments on Hong Kong island? (Central, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, etc.)


Cheap service apartment for 5 adult for 4 nights - urgent

Hi, I'm looking for a place to stay at for 5 people.
so preferably an apartment in Kowloon side would be good.

my budget is about approx 800 HKD to 1200 per night


thanks for your help

Hong Kong Vacation Rentals for under $100 US per night

Hi all,

My family visits Hong Kong every year and I'm always looking for places to stay at a reasonable cost, especially now that my family is getting large. 

I have a decent size listing of vacation rentals or short term flat/apartment rentals that are priced under $100 US per night.  Some others that are perhaps nicer are priced under $150 US per night.

You can find this list on my web site at

I hope it helps some of you out or anyone else that wonders in.  I plan to keep the list updated on a regular basis.


re: Vacation rentals list

Bill, that looks like a good resource. It's good to see you have a 'last updated' date on each entry, as it's often difficult to know if information on the web is up to date or not.

You might also think of putting both US$ and HK$ prices on each entry (just pick a standard conversion rate like 1:7.8) to make it easier for your visitors to compare prices.

Regards, MrB

Short term lets in Hong Kong

I'm coming to HK with a friend and we're looking for a cheap place to stay on HK Island or Kowloon area (or anywhere well-connected to the Admiralty area).

Dates are 12th July to the 1st August.






Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences

Hi, my children and I are considering joining my husband who is working out of Hong Kong for a month this summer, but I am really lost as to where we should stay.  I know nothing of the city.  

The property at the Hong Kong Gold Coast looks very nice, especially for the price, but I am not sure if it would be convenient to Hong Kong or public transportation.  If anyone familiar with this property, we would very much appreciate your advice.

Thank you.

re: Hong Kong Gold Coast Residences

I haven't lived there, but I used to visit the area regularly for a while. Travel to / from HK Island took less than an hour, with buses every 10-20 minutes.

Some links for you:

We'll be interested to hear how it turns out.

Short Term Apartments in Hong Kong

Hi Velshin,

Maybe you can check it out this website as below.

That company provide difficult type of apartments for monthly rental.

And the apartments are clean and colourful with fully  facilities.

I hope this information can slove your problem.




Serviced Appartments

Hi All

Thanks for the information; trying to sort somewhere for 1-2months next year in hong kong.  I can shed a bit of light at some accomadation where I have stopped in the past of around where my girlfriends family live.

First the harbour city resort (in Tsim Sui Wai) is a good place to stop.  Having spent over 5 weeks here within 9 months I can say the staff are friendly (although English isn't great in the New Territories), the rooms have plenty of space, close to major parts in the new territories i.e. Tuen Mun or Tsuen Wan.  It is however a little bit out of the way if you want the multicultured centre of HK (1h20 on mtr or bus is about 1hr).  Personally I think you get better service, food and people in the NT as its a lot cheaper.  We enquired for a serviced suite and was given Hk$8000 as a guide although it does go up in the western school holidays. 

For one note around the gold coast; although it is very nice apparently it is very isolated from most of the main areas of HK.  If you like seafood however I have been assured that it has a few restaurants that are very nice although Sai Kung is much more happening.  As I have not stayed her I can not comment on the suites but have been told it is very nice. 

In terms of some advice around what quality of appartment to go for it would depend on duration and amount of time spent in the room.  If like ourselves you are rarely in apart from a shower and change of clothes then you wouldn't need much more than basic accomadation (i.e. warm shower, air con a must, and a bed to sleep in).  These would tend to be the cheaper options also and give you all the excuses to get out and mingle.  On the otherhand if you are a businessman or on prolonged staff I would splash a little extra for a nice appartment in a prime location price tend to be upwards of HK$15000pcm. 

Finally on the note of cost; yes serviced appartments are more expensive but are more flexible than renting in HK as a friend of mine (who rents and sells property) that rental is normally on a 1 or 2 year basis minimum so for shorter stays this is not possible.

I hope this helps people make up their minds.  Just a fore warning but do your own research too as although I have tried to give as much information as possible it is still at best 2nd hand info and may have changed.

Enjoy the trips

re: Serviced Appartments

Thanks Matt, it's always best to hear from someone that has actually tried out some of these apartments.

Regards, MrB

Nice, cheap, good 3 bedroom apartments

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone can help  me. Me and 4 other friends are looking for an apartment to stay for about a month from 27 dec-23 jan 2010.

We want 3 bedrooms if we could, but it seems to be very difficult finding the right and nice apartments for a decent price. Not alot of places have 3 bedrooms.

Our price range is about 10k (HKD)

We dont need a flash place just a nice play to sleep in as we will be doing heaps of sight seeing and will be out and about every day.

I know that nearly all apartments you will have to pay for for about 1 month but we wont be there for 1 month.

It'll be great if someone could give us a hand in finding one.

thanks guys!


furnished flat for short term rental

Quality furnished apartment in Tung Chung with indoor swimming pool and Tsim Sha Tsui rooms to let


check us out at

Chai Wan

Hi Fanny

I am looking for a short term (2 months) furnished flat at Chai wan, please contact me asap, would like to start from Mid-April 2010 if possible.

short-stay hong kong apartment


My family and I (7 adults, 1 kid) will be staying in Hong Kong for 3 nights. Would you know any short-term service apartment (preferably on the Kowloon area) that we can stay in? We're on a tight budget...

I'm also thinking of a guesthouse but I would like to check better options, ie bigger space and better amenities for a family. Hope you can help me. Thanks!



Collection of Top 3 Hong Kong Serviced Apartment

I have paid visits to many Hong Kong Serviced Apartment and personally think that the followings 3 are reference for those who want to find a good place to live in Hong Kong:

1) V Serviced Apartment

2) Shama Serviced Apartment

3) Causeway Corner Serviced Apartment

serviced apartment for up tp 7500HK$

Hello All,

Im about to move to Hong Kong by mid of Jun, and need to rent serviced studio somewhere in Causeway Bay, Central or Wan Chai.

My company accommodation allowance is between 7000-7500HK$.

Am I on "mission impossible" here or there is a chance for me to find and book decent serviced apartment somewhere on those locations? 


Thanks in advance




I need accommodation for a minimum of 2 months in Kowloon. Tim Sha Tsui is better but Tung Chung is okay. I need a double room and the budget is 8000.

Can you help.


asking yr best offer

I will stay in HK for three weeks this time.

Arrriving 07th august.

Leaving 27th august.

Which is your best offer?
My budget is 6000 HKD

More apartments

Found this HUGE serviced apartments list at:


Furnished flat: thanks to let me know price and conditions. PMP


I'll be interested to rent your place 1 to 2 weeks per for the 1st quarter 2011, thanks to let me know price and condition.

Best regards,
Phil Moon Plesse

great tips

I really appreciate the tips. I recently needed a place to stay. The links here helped a lot.