Shopping for western sized guys in HK

I've just moved up to HK, and have found this site to be an excellent resource for a Honkers newbie (particularly the guides to buying computers / electronics)!

One thing that i am having trouble with here, is being a western sized guy trying to buy clothing, shoes etc

I've tried a few places (mainly department stores) for shoes, though they never have anything in my size (besides that pair of snake skin loafers that belong in the bargain bin), and am pulling my hair out trying to find socks and to a lesser extent shirts!

Also, there seems to be no shortage of markets, stalls, factory outlets etc for women's clothing. Is there anything equivalent for guys?

I'm finding this somewhat perplexing, as a significant majority of my size 46 shoes, socks and casual shirts / polos seem to be made in China, though there don't seem to be any in HK!

Is it more a matter of sourcing these items from overseas? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Big clothes

Hi acb;

I feel for you on this one, man!

I'm really quite tall, about 6'5" (i.e. 195cm), but I'm lucky in that my feet aren't especially big. I wear size 44-45, which I usually can find in shops here; it seems, though, that 44 or 45 is often the biggest size available. At a 46, you're going to be out of luck much of the time.

For shirts, I find lots of T-shirts, polos and short-sleeved button-up shirts available both in the factory outlet shops in places like Wan Chai (especially along Johnston Road) and in Stanley market. And recently even Bossini (a cheap local clothes chain) has been stocking XXL turtlenecks and long-sleeved T-shirts that fit me quite well.

For long-sleeved dress shirts, I buy them overseas or have them tailored. For the latter, I've recently had them done on trips to Bangkok, where tailoring is generally a tremendous deal.

For trousers, the only place I reliably track any down is Stanley market. There are a couple of shops that stock overruns of chinos, jeans and low-end 'smart casual' trousers, and they usually do have big sizes.

For nicer trousers/blazers/suits (I wear a 44 or 46 long) it's pretty hopeless here these days. Oddly, in the past (i.e. about 10 years ago) I bought a couple of nice blazers in Marks and Spencer; their size 44 long fit me perfectly, and they carried that size in at least a few of their HK outlets. Now, however, although that size is still sometimes available, I find that it's far too small for me -- the sleeves and body are way short, although it's roomier width-wise. Are people in the UK just getting fatter, and M & S has followed that trend, or are they now stocking 'Asian' sizes that assume a fatter but shorter figure for the same size? Mysteries abound!

Anyway, I hope this helps. A couple of other links on our site that might help:

Here's our general guide to shoppping in Hong Kong in case you haven't seen it.

This thread has information on tailors in Hong Kong.

Big Clothes

Many thanks Mr Tall - will definitely check out your suggestions. Previously had a brief browse through Stanley markets, though will now definitely revisit with a far keener eye!

Will also be stocking up on lots of shoes when i head to sydney in June too...

Really great site - keep up the good work!

right sized clothes

I'd say the solution for clothing would be to have some tailor made (Shenzen has some great tailors in the Lo-Wu commercial centre, I'd recommend the one in shop 21 on the 5th floor), especially shirts, suits and trousers are great. Best if you take something of your own for them to copy. they speak English and can help you get the material as well. A shirt would be about $200 including material, I've had ladies suits made (lined) for $450 including the material (jacket and trousers).
Sorry I can't help on the socks and shoes side, I know there are some shoe stores in the Admiralty building (behind Queensway plaza) which also make shoes, and have some on hand, so that may help (don't know about prices though), and a tall friend of mine with large feet has used Rockport in TST which had his size.

right sized clothes

Many thanks Gweipo - I've been looking for an excuse to check out Shenzen (some of the non-local guys I work with have been telling me I would most likely get mugged there! I suspect they are just a bunch of wusses...)

Have also been trying to find a place that does custom mens shoes, so that is a big help!

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If you go to Shenzen I'd recommend you go with someone who knows their way around, or that you get that book shopping in Shenzen (little red book) it gives you some price guidelines and ideas of who is "reputable"

Otherwise get a couple of newbies together and organise a shopping tour with Tula Mylonis, she's a hoot and knows her way around really well. It's worth the charge.

rule of thumb is to offer 20% of the asking price and work you way up. But first check out the prices in HK so you're not still way off the mark!

20% off asking price -

20% off asking price - you're joking right?
Start at 50% and walk away after 5 mins - they'll chase you down the corridor with their best price. If you turn away and they immediately say OK then you know you've paid too much!

I've got size 46 feet as

I've got size 46 feet as well. The only place I shop is Marks & Spencers!

20% of, not off

Hang on there, anon -- I understand Gweipo to be saying you should offer just 20% of the price the hawker quotes you, e.g. you offer $20 if he say it costs $100.