Inspiration Lake, playground & park

Last weekend some friends drove us and the girls out to Inspiration Lake. There's grass, and ... you're allowed to play on it! Quite a rarity for Hong Kong.

The car park for the lake is tiny, just 23 spaces. So while we were dropped off, our friend queued up until enough people left that he could get a space.

The area is part of the Disney development, but you don't need to pay to get in. There's a small 7-11 by the car park, but that's all in terms of shops. Read more »

Children's playground above Elements

We found this playground yesterday, and MissB Sr pronounced it a success. They have some unusual toys in good condition.

It's up on the roof level of Elements (above Kowloon station on the Tung Chung / Airport Express lines).

Kowloon Park children's playground

A large, well-equipped playground. If we're in TST we'll often call in here to let the girls have a run around.

It gets very busy in the afternoons on weekends, so try and get there before lunch if you can.

Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Boating Park

This disused reservoir has been converted into a small boating pond. You can rent small paddle boats to potter around on the water. It costs HK$120 to rent a four-seater for an hour on the weekend or public holidays. That was about the right length of time for us and our 2- and 4-year old daughters. It's cheaper on weekdays - the park is open daily, 9am to 6pm.

There are lots of turtles and freshwater fish in the water, so bring along some bread to feed them. In late March we also saw toadspawn and tadpolesRead more »

Hong Kong Park playground

A big playground on several levels, including a large sandpit area.

Makes a good destination if you've been for lunch at Pacific Place - walk through the park past the ponds with a stop to admire the fish & turtles, maybe cut through the aviary along the way (or climb up to the top of the observation tower if you're feeling energetic), and you're there.

Botanical Gardens playground

Right up the top of the botanical gardens is this playground. Not huge, but it makes a good combination with seeing the plants & animals in the Gardens.

Middle Road playground

It's on the roof above the TST KCR station. New equipment, lots of space, and never very busy. A good spot for the children to let off some steam if you're in TST.

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