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Hong Kong on Air

TitleHong Kong on Air

Author: Muhammad Cohen 

Published: 2007

Genre: satire/comic 

Period: 1997 Read more »

Love in a Fallen City

Title: Love in a Fallen City

Author: Eileen Chang

Published: the stories included in this volume were all published in the 1940s; the volume itself was published in 2007

Genre: short stories; two in this volume -- 'Aloeswood Incense' and 'Jasmine Tea' -- are set in Hong Kong Read more »


Title: Hong Kong

Author: Stephen Coonts

Published: 2000

Genre: judging from its lurid orange cover (with two junks on the harbor outlined in black, of course) and the blurbs on the back -- 'High-octane techno-wizardry!' (USA Today) -- let's call it a 'high-tech, weapons-intensive thriller in the Tom Clancy mode'.

Period: 2000 Read more »

Hong Kong Rose

Title: Hong Kong Rose

Author: Xu Xi

Published: 1999

Genre: chicklit that's wearing its one really good outfit as it aspires to literary respectabilty

Period: The groovy '70s! Read more »

Hiroshima Joe

Title: Hiroshima Joe

Author: Martin Booth

Published: 1985

Genre: war + prison novel

Period: Just two periods: the WWII years, and 1952. There's also a brief epilogue set in 1985. Read more »

Reading the Hong Kong novels

I've embarked on a new project for reading and reviewing some of the many (many!) novels that are set at least partially here in Hong Kong.

Even though everyone's heard of Taipan, of course, and read it -- except me -- I didn't start there.

Note that this series of reviews will include several criteria for assessment that are very Hong Kong-specific, but I'll also try to let you know if the book is any good or not, and hence worth reading. Read more »

Fragrant Harbour

Title: Fragrant Harbour

Author: John Lanchester

Published: 2002

Period: The action here spans the bulk of the 20th century, but the book’s most important sections focus on the WWII years and the decade in the run-up to the 1997 handover. Read more »

The Painted Veil

Title: The Painted Veil

Author: M Somerset Maugham

Published: 1925

Period: Around 1920 or so; the book's action takes place in a single summer. Read more »

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