HongKong People??

I was just wondering is there a noun for calling Hong Kong People formally? Like Australia People as Australian, USA people as American, Japan people as Japanese etc....

So is it Hongkongnese or Hongkongrian or whatever for Hong Kong People?

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I use 'Honkies" :P

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I've also seen 'Hongkers' used in jest, but mostly people here just say 'Hong Kong people', which is prosaic but undeniably accurate and inoffensive. It's much the same in Cantonese, where the default term 'Heung Gong Yahn' translates directly to 'Hong Kong people', too.

Hong Kong People

While I can't delete this post for some reason, I have removed the contents by using the edit feature.

Sorry and thanks for the understanding.

-- Ron

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thanks for doing that, tough you did not have to. Its a sore point with me at the moment I'm afraid, so sorry If I appeared too brusque.

Seriously, I did enjoy your second post about the nature of swearing. It places even more context on living here in HK.

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I have to really ask 'why' post derogagtory terms that only perpetuate stereotypes and differences within our world city.

I'm sure it was not your intention, though when you see the length and breadth of such terms, they make uncomfortable reading.

I'm therefore not sure of a constructive function that posting them serves.


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You are right. It was not my intention and if anyone is offended, I offer my sincere apologies.

My intention of giving this out was for the reason that if any of the overseas visitors come here and hear these phrases, they should realize that it is just the way Hong Kong local cantonese slang goes.

Therefore, I should also clarify, that these are not really serious derogatory terms. Besides, Hong Kong does have some discrimination but not of the serious type.

While at this topic of languages and terms, I should also point out to overseas visitors that there is something peculiar about the foul language in Hong Kong.

There are many bad words and sentences that locals speak when they are pissed off.

However, the EXACT same bad words and sentences are ALSO used with friends or rather best friends.

Strange one might think, but yes it is true.

A local may insult someone on the road in pissed rage and say something about mothers, etc.

The same local may use the exact same phrase, word, sentence when he meets his good friend in a Chinese restaurant. And by the usage of such a derogatory term in a smiling tone actually means that they are very good and close friends ?!?

The difference is the expression and the feelings.

Don't ask me but even I do not understand the logic behind that.

Well, can't explain more unless one experiences it. All in all Hong Kong is a wonderful city and so are its people. One must visit if one wants to see a city which is rather very unique.

One last thing...

The first time I came here, the Taxi driver used some real foul language despite looting me for 400 dollars for a ride from Kai Tak to Furuma.

His problem, perhaps, was that I was a Gweilo or whatever.

I was stupefied at such treatment but made the point to note what he said and later scribbled it down in the Hotel room.

Months later when I began learning Cantonese, I realized he had said something horrible about my mother. So well, one of my intentions to explain the above terms was that visitors don't get stupefied or shocked on their frst visit.

Of course, now the Taxi drivers are very kind, gentle, and welcoming. They have to be as their income has dropped considerably and competition has increased fiercely.

Kind regards to all here...

Hong Kong People

I think the correct English expression for a person from Hong Kong is a "Hongkonger". In the plural, people from Hong Kong could either be referred to as "Hongkongers" or "Hong Kong people". People of Chinese race living in or originating from Hong Kong are often referred to as "Hong Kong Chinese", and there are equivalent expressions for some of the minority races living here,
e.g. "Hong Kong Indians"

Some people here did at one time try to popularize the alternative expression "Hongkongian" because of its similarity with the Cantonese expression "Heung Kong yan" (Hong Kong person/people) which is what Cantonese-speaking people call Hongkongers, but it sounds rather stilted in English and never really caught on.

You also sometimes hear the expression "Hongkongese" used (some non-English speakers even pronouncing it "Hongkongnese") but this word is better used as an adjective applied to things, rather than as a noun referring to people (e.g. "He speaks Chinese with a Hongkongese accent". As there is no Hongkongese nation or Hongkongese race, though, the applications for the word are limited. Strictly speaking there is no Hongkongese language, either, but the version of Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong, including a lot of Hong Kong slang expressions, is often referred to as "Hongkongese" (the equivalent of the expression "Heung Kong Wah" in Cantonese, which refers to a way of speaking Cantonese rather than to an actual language). But a lot of Hong Kong things are just designated by the words "Hong Kong" e.g "Hong Kong films" or "Hong Kong culture" (not "Hongkongese" films or culture)

The nickname "Hongkie" for a Hong Kong person is mainly used by overseas Chinese people outside Hong Kong, particularly in Singapore and Malaysia, and is not much used locally, and should not be confused with the term "Honky" (sometimes spelt "Honkie") used by some African-Americans to refer to whites (or to the poorer sectors of the white community in the USA).

The nickname "Honkers" is used, mainly among European expatriates in Hong Kong,
as a familiar name for the place, but it is not correct to use it for the people.

can you please tell me what

can you please tell me what on earth can be offensive about the term.
any city in any part of the world there is a term describe where yu reside.
ie: bostan..bostanians etc

please explain yourself.

colby doesnt know what he is

colby doesnt know what he is talking about
they are called hongkongnese : D

you are right. the correct

you are right. the correct english term should be hongkongers.


yes. hongkongers is it.

yes. hongkongers is it. hongkongnese is bad english.

Yeah, you use "nese" for

Yeah, you use "nese" for words/terms that end with an "n". For example, Japanese, Taiwanese... likewise, Vietnamese.