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The Batgung introduce you to Hong Kong's best-known -- and a few not-so-well-known -- tourist attractions, from an insider's point of view.


SisterB and family came to visit over Christmas, and top of their list of things to do was "go for dimsum and have some of those meat buns". If you are visiting Hong Kong, you should follow their lead and make sure to keep at least one lunchtime free to go and eat dimsum.

What is dimsum ? I first asked that question in London's Chinatown, as many of the restaurants there advertise that they serve dimsum. The Chinese man I spoke to said "dumplings", which meant I didn't try them until several years later when I came out to Hong Kong (if you know what an English dumpling is like, and then imagine trying to eat a whole lunch of them, you'll know why!). Read more »


The Batgung Editorial committee met for lunch recently at a new (to us, at least) curry restaurant, the "Bhet Ghat" at 151 Jaffe Rd in Wanchai. Their signs say they serve Nepalese and Indian curries so, thrill-seekers that we are, we stuck to the Nepalese selection. The fact that the menu item for one of the dishes we chose wouldn't be any more specific than "Red meat", and ended with the description that it would "exercise your gums" should have warned us off. But that time the curry-house bravado had set in ... "How hot do we want it ? Ho, ho, ho...."

I won't be ordering it again, though it was definitely interesting to have tried. Not so interesting that you need to try it -- you can just take my word. Turns out the main constituent was dried water-buffalo meat. We wondered if it was part of a government campaign to stop traffic jams on Lantau, but it had been flown in specially for us from Nepal. Read more »

The Batgung Guide to shopping in Hong Kong

I'll admit to a giant streak of bias in writing this article: I'm not a great shopping fan unless the outing in question involves getting some nice guy-oriented stuff for me, me, me. Not very noble, I know, but we all have our little weaknesses. So, to those of you who see shopping as a necessary evil, with minor selfish exceptions: join me for a sympathetic tour of Hong Kong's major shopping areas. Those of you who shop because you think it's fun may find some useful tips here too, but I offer no promises of satisfaction!

So away we go . . . Read more »

Mr Tall's unoriginal but highly enjoyable Hong Kong evening out

Here's a suggestion for a fun evening out that will both delight your senses, and distill for you much of the essence of Hong Kong. I wish I could say I'd thought this up myself, but I've had it suggested to me by at least a couple of other, more original, people.

You begin at dusk on Victoria Peak. Wallow in the view as the last golden light of day mellows Hong Kong's skyline. And as darkness falls and the city's lights come on, the impossibly spectacular view gets even better. Read more »

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