The Batgung are not big shoppers -- wait a minute, when you see how many words we've written about buying electronics, computers, and lots of other stuff in Hong Kong, maybe you'll think we are . . .

Hong kong Visit

Hello Guys,

 I am planning to visit HK in April for 3 days only. Could you please suggest me where to go (must see place in HK), and also any budget hotel to stay for 3 nights? Read more »

Hong Con: Avoid the scams and rip-offs

There are some shopkeepers in Hong Kong who seem more interested in ripping off tourists than making an honest sale. Don't let them spoil your holiday - if you're thinking of buying electronic or A/V equipment in Hong Kong, take a few minutes to read these guidelines. Read more »

Things to see and do in Hong Kong: Markets and shopping

Ladies’ market/flower market/jade market/bird street in Mongkok

How long will it take?: ½ day is likely to be all you can take!

How to get there: All easily accessible by bus or MTR Read more »

More on buying electronics in Hong Kong, Part II

We've covered buying computer stuff in part I of this article. Now it's time to consider all the other items that make the digital life such fun -- sound and video equipment, cameras, and other electrical appliances. Read more »

More on buying electronics in Hong Kong, part I

I've spent large chunks of a couple of recent weekends geeking about with electronics.

(Incidentally, Mr B is well aware of this, as he wasted much of a precious Saturday afternoon on the telephone counseling a cranky and frustrated Mr T, who was unable to configure his new wifi router without professional help. It turned out Mr T had done everything right except for one minor detail: how was he to know the stupid password his ISP expected of him?) Read more »

The Batgung Guide to shopping in Hong Kong

I'll admit to a giant streak of bias in writing this article: I'm not a great shopping fan unless the outing in question involves getting some nice guy-oriented stuff for me, me, me. Not very noble, I know, but we all have our little weaknesses. So, to those of you who see shopping as a necessary evil, with minor selfish exceptions: join me for a sympathetic tour of Hong Kong's major shopping areas. Those of you who shop because you think it's fun may find some useful tips here too, but I offer no promises of satisfaction!

So away we go . . . Read more »

Buying Electronic Goods in Hong Kong

When friends and colleagues visit HK, they often ask where's the best place to buy a new camera / walkman / notebook PC / etc. If you're visiting HK with shopping in mind, here are a few tips for you ...

Is it really cheaper here?

Seems obvious, but check the prices before you leave home (and be sure to check what that price includes, as adding costs for cases, batteries, etc., can make a big difference.) A rule of thumb seems to be that visitors from the US can often buy goods at similar prices back home, while visitors from Australia find prices here significantly cheaper. Read more »

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