Fill in the Survey --> Get $50 H.K supermarket coupon

Beam me up, Scotty

Usually, advertising links from first-time posters get deleted straight away. But in this case it's worth a visit: is currently carrying out a market research on the HONG KONG FLOUR MARKET, especially on the consumers' knowledge and consumers' behaviors on flour products. Our target respondents are the ALIENS who are CURRENTLY LOCATED IN HONG KONG.
We now cordially invite the suitable persons to participate in the following survey. Participants may win a Hong Kong SUPERMARKET CASH COUPON OF $50.

Hmm, looks like the site is really a front for the local UFO society, trying to lure aliens, sorry ALIENS, out into the open with the promise of a chance to definitely, maybe, possibly win a $50 supermarket coupon.

Aliens, don't sell yourselves so cheap! Batgung will give you $100 in cold, hard cash (I have this stack of five-dollar coins by the side of my bed) for an exclusive interview and photos.



I love korean food