Residence visas and establis a company in HK

My name is Romeo, and i am from Oslo, Norway. I have plan to establish a business in hong kong, i wonder if someone can give me some info about how to get residence visas and establis a company (a restaurant). And is it possible to open a Bank A/C befor moving thear? And other question like this. Hope someone can help me.

I alsow can tell u that i have been thear many time in the past 6-7year (i think now 15time). I am in LOVE WITH HK,the reson for moveing. Will go thear in October again.

Thank you in advance.

re: Residence visas and establish a company in HK

Hello Romeo,

We've got some info about visas, and a little about opening a company (but not a restaurant, sorry).

I don't know if you can open that bank account before you arrive. I'd suggest contacting HSBC, as they should be used to dealing with international customers.

Maybe the local Norwegian Chamber of Commerce could help you too?

Good luck, MrB


hi...i would like to inform all prospect employer that i can be available as an employee to work in a restaurant to be areceptionist or customer service agent. I have been working in a call center for 6 months now as a customer service representative. Also got 6 years teaching experience. Thanks