Advice for teaching in Hong Kong?

My partner and I are moving to Hong Kong where she has been offered a job beginning early October. We met whilst working on board a cruise ship and have since been living together in London for the past 2 years. During this time I have been working as a Club Host at a private members club in the city.

I am 32 years of age, native English and have a British passport (but no degree!). I have spent most of my twenties working around Europe with tour operators doing various jobs ie chalet host, resort rep etc.

When we arrive in Hong Kong I am very keen to pursue some kind of English teaching job.

Could you advise me please on what the different levels of teaching are, what might be suitable for me in Hong Kong and the courses available out there.

Concerned about Working Visa?

Concerned about a work visa?

You should be because without one you have no chance, simple as that.

Given the information you've provided (no related degree, any relevant experience?) I would say you have slim to nil chance of getting a work visa in that area . Without a proven track record - in any field - a sponsoring company will find it difficult to justify to immigration why you should be employed here. The reality is that HK is difficult to get into these days.

As a Brit you will get 180 tourist stamp in your passport, but you won't be able to work (it is illegal). Serious consequences for all involved if you get caught. Having said that, once here you have 6 months to do some serious networking and finding out if there is anyway you can get a job. In HK it pays to have lots of contacts.

You will have a much better chance of work here if you are married and your spouse sponsors you for a dependant visa. A DV no longer has any work restriction, so in effect you can get any job you want. Bear in mind that once you wifes work visa runs out, so will your dependant one.

Sounds drastic but in reality that is the way it is here

Get a TEFL diploma

While you're in London, enrol yourself to get a TEFL or TESOL diploma (teaching english as a second language / foreign language).  Or you can enrol yourself at the british council to do it here in HK.  It takes about a month full time.

I you're on a dependant visa of your partner (not sure of the legalities if you're not married in HK), you can work here. But it will be easier if you have the right bits of paper ...

 Good luck

Thanks for your reply. Due

Thanks for your reply.

Due to lack of time (I arrive in Hong Kong in 10 days!) what are the formalities of enrolling on a TEFL course based in Hong Kong?

Visa is still a major worry!!

Visa options are described

Visa options are described here.

Gweipo, I don't think the HK British Council is still teaching TESOL/TEFL. Do you know anyone that has studied there in the last year or so?

Geoexpat has a thread about TESOl / TEFL in HK. It's also worth checking the 'similar threads' links at the bottom of that page.



they are, but it goes by other fancier names now.  This is the link:

This qualifies you to teach rugrats.  I'm not sure of the new name for the equivalent to allow you to teach adults, but I'm sure if you contact them they'll be able to help.

ps. batgung, your link to geoexpat is linking back to yourself not to geoexpat, but there isn't much in geoexpat anyway worth looking at.

re: celtyl

Hi Gweipo, thanks for the link, and for pointing out the broken link above - fixed now.