What would you like to see on Batgung?

Instead of an article this week, it's your chance to tell us what you'd like to see.

For example, if you're a regular reader, are there any features you'd like to see that we're missing? Maybe something you use regularly on another website, and miss because it's not available here?

Or if you've arrived here from a web search, was it easy to find what you're looking for? How could we have made it easier?

Are there some topics you'd like us to write more about? Less about? Things we should have covered but haven't?

There are a couple of items on my wish list to make the site easier to move around.

First is to make the images more accessible. There are over 300 on the site, and although we've grouped them into galleries, I was looking for an easier way for visitors to find what they are interested in. I'm guessing that if you're looking for photos you're either interested in those of a certain area (eg where you grew up), or a certain age (eg photos from the years when you lived in HK). As a test solution, here's a map showing many of our photos - how well does it work for you?

The next item is to make it easier to follow active discussions. If I've been away for a few days and several discussions have had lots of comments, I find it's not so easy to quickly read all the new ones. We're still bouncing around ideas for this.

How about you; what would you like to see?



More history

Your stories on the tunnel systems around Hong Kong were great and I would be most interested in more of that kind of stuff. Great site, thanks.

Older Buildings

I stayed a few weeks in Hong Kong, on Des Voeux Road. This was enough time to pique my curiosity about things Hong Kong. I am realy enjoying reading about urban experiences in your cool city.

In between the interesting shops on DV Rd. selling dried fish bits were these dusty old entrance ways leading to the upper floors. Or, in some cases leading down to what looked like a road, or a carpark underneath the buildings. What is in these older buildings? Boxes of unsold shark parts perhaps? Human inhabitants? Or, is it best not to know?

Are there other areas of Hong Kong, like Des Voeux Road where all the shops seem to sell the same thing?

There was a herbal medicine shop on a corner on Stanley Street that sold cups of tea from an urn. Is it still there? If it is, I'm comming back to Hong Kong.

herbal tea.

Yeah the shop's still there. Come back immediately or suffer the consequence of non-herbness. :)

B, I would like a function on the blog's comments system where I can subscribe to replies. It's easier to catch up if any one replied to me or just to see everyone's comment without going to the site. Thanks.

Old houses

I'd love to know details about old buildings (like the 'comfort home' on Ships street that's going to become part of some hotel project) & other Central/Wanchai grand homes. History fascinates me but I prefer 'private' history. How can some of these homes be so deserted when there's such a lack of space in Hong Kong?

Thanks for the feedback

Anonymous: Thanks for that. I was expecting one of the replies to be "enough with the tunnels already!". From time to time there will definitely be more about old Hong Kong as we learn more.

Angus: There are certain parts of Hong Kong that you only visit at specific moments in your life. Getting married? There's a building on Nathan Rd near Price Edward that has all the wedding bits and pieces. Just bought your first flat, and getting ready to decorate? Head along to Lockhart Rd and spend a whole afternoon deciding which is the best door knob for your new cabinets. There's plenty more of these clusters of shops...

Bronney: There is an add-on module available for this software that sends email alerts when there's a reply to a post you've written / commented on. We didn't have any plans to add it, but would others also find it helpful?

Something that might help in the meantime - if you click the "... all recent posts" link on the menu to your left, it shows all the new stuff (images, articles, etc) on the site, newest first. If you're logged in, you'll also see a 'my recent posts' tab on that screen. Click the tab, and you'll see a list of just the posts you have written / commented on, and details of when they were last updated.

B: if there's a building you're interested in, probably the best approach is to create a new message on the forum, and set the title as the builiding name or address. Add as much information as you currently know, and any questions you have. We are fortunate to have some knowledgeable readers who will share what they know.

Thanks for the feedback so far - anything else you'd like to see?


more stories, more young people

Batgung is an excellent site, and I love it! Keep up the good work guys.

What I would like to see more is content and related to young people (18-25) who are expats or wanting to become one. Maybe some articles on going out? University life? I can't really contribute as I am not in Hong Kong but I love hearing about people's life experience back up there, and also come funny stories about cultural misunderstanding are always fun! 

fair enough.

Fair enough mate. I am too lazy to register that's all :)


Cal_t, thanks for writing in.

I had a conversation last week where a young visitor asked me how long I'd lived in Hong Kong. My reply was met with a look of wide-eyed incredulity, and him saying "Wow! That's nearly as long as I've been alive!!!". Which is a roundabout way of saying we're probably not the best people to be giving advice on what it's like to be an 18-25 year-old expat in HK. Interesting subject though, so why not put the question up on the forum and see what answers you get?

Cheers, MrB

More of the same

I agree with Cal_t. The site is great. It gives a glimpse of life in HK and some jewels of information for travelers that won't be discovered until you experience it.

More of the same. Many may disagree but things you find trivial may be quite interesting for people of a different culture and lifestyle. I've never lived in an apartment let alone one with 100 floors! Or why would anyone need to purchase a vehicle in such a densely populated area. From images of HK, I can hardly find a bus stop let alone any place to find parking.

I can't say I've enjoyed every posting (nor finished all) but they have all been interesting!

More of the same

Batgung is an oasis of useful and relevant information in a desert of absolute gibberish....VIVA BATGUNG!!

Only thing I'd say that would be nice to see is a change in the look of the site. Gray is a bit ....ummm....dull.

Thank you MrB & T for a great site.