Hi, I read the two articles on shopping for electronics in HK. Are there any places where I can pick up a bargain for IPODs?


Are iPods even popular in HK?

I heard in Asia, other cheaper flash players are more popular.

Can't imagine too much discounting because Apple charges a lot for the wholesale price.

Most retailers make way more money selling iPod accessories like cases and headphones. So they carry iPods only to get people into the store and they want to sell them accessories which have big profit margins.

buying an ipod in Hongkong

The shops mentioned in those articles or in the related discussion should give you good prices.


Are iPods cheaper in Hong Kong?

Reuters may have an answer at last, via the Commonwealth Bank's index of world iPod prices. They looked at the local price of a 2Gb iPod Nano in 26 countries, and you'll be pleased to hear that Hong Kong ranked #25 at $147.35, with only Canada (#26) managing a cheaper price of U$144.20.

For people who live outside Canada, is it worth buying in Hong Kong? The US price is US$149, so not much of a saving there, but if you're visiting from Brazil you can pick up two for the price of one. Brazil was ranked #1, with a 2Gb Nano costing US$327.71.

Full article here.


ipods are now cheapest in Hong Kong

Which is good news, because I'm planning to buy one later today.

The Commonwealth Bank have updated their list to look at different countries' prices for the 4Gb Nano. Hong Kong is now the cheapest, hurrah!

Brazil? Sorry, for some reason you still have to pay over twice as much as we do in Hong Kong. More...


ipods are now cheapest in Hong Kong

Actually...there's a rumour that Apple is going to drops prices in China to stop Hong Kong retailers from exporting there.