Nikon D40 LCD viewer.

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I have recently bought a Nikon D40. How do i focus my object through LCD viewer, instead of the usual View Finder. I need to use the LCD monitori to view the object and the get the picture. Currently it gives information only about the Focus, Exposure, sinsitivity, Frame Rate and so on. What changes in the setting do i need to make to get that.


LCD monitor could not be used as view finder according to this

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According to this post the LCD monitor of the Nikon D40 could not be used as a view finder.

It reads "LCD monitor being used for image playback and menu access only".

Also from Nikon's user manuals, the LCD monitor on D40 replaced the top LCD panel of the D50. Sorry, I don't own any DSLR, at least, not yet.

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D40 or d40x


Usually DSLR dont have live preview. But the new Canon DSLR has a ive preview now.
Try to search of it. It wasjuts release mid this year..


Other liveview DLSR is the

Other liveview DLSR is the Olympus camera.


You'll have to go back to the traditional method of looking through the viewfinder or changing cameras.


Don't feel shortchanged - live preview in DLSR is a relatively new feature being only available in new model DLSRs for the lst 1 year and a half or so.