HK on a budget

Any advice about how to do HK on a budget? I seem to recall Mr B/Mr Tall had a guide up of how to do a budget look around hong kong that was ok, but can't find it anymore. It had about how to stay in HK but keep a tight rein on expenditure. Or does anyone else have tips on guesthouses/eateries and so on? Any advice much appreciated, I'd gladly post up anything useful I find in return. Alex

cheap eats

Hi Alex;

I can't remember either of us ever doing a set of specifically low-cost suggestions. HK is unfortunately not a low-cost kind of place.

The closest I can recall is my 'evening out' article, in which I make some suggestions for completing the proposed program for not much money. All of our articles about food and restaurants can be found here, and you'll find some recommendations for cheap places, especially if you're into curry/Indian food.

If you're looking simply to get around town cheaply, you'll do fine simply by taking MTR and buses, and avoiding taxis and the Peak Tram. Oh, and of course the Star Ferry is famously cheap.

Readers, other suggestions?

Mr Tall

thanks for the tips

The evening out article is good info. Like last time I found cans of labatts ice for under 5 hkd in park and shop and italian salad for 25 hkd, pretty reasonable for HK I thought. Think it was park and shop 24 or something like that. I also know the 7/11s are good value.

Indian food on nathan road is cheap? Might have to get over my fear and try that one, the Afghan cafe also looks interesting.

I agree the MTR and star ferry is cheap, but I don't need to go to the island side.

What would be cool is if a list of tried and trusted guesthouses could be put up; my biggest headache is sorting the wheat from the chaff with regard to accomodation.

Cheers again,

Hong Kong on the cheap

There are a couple of suggestions on the site for cheap accomodation in Hong Kong.

Check out the free activities run by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB). There's a good range, from Tai Chi lessons, to harbour cruises, to various classes and tours. They also note the wekly museum pass available to visitors for HK$30, that gets you in to the seven main museums free of charge. Then when you're here call in to their visitor centres to get their current 'what's on' lists.

Drinks at the expat places like Lan Kwai Fong can quickly get expensive, especially once happy hour passes. But a bottle or three of Tsingtao or Carlsberg beer with dinner at a local restaurant won't break the bank. So there's plenty of choice. You'll find some related info in the cost of living and finding a restaurant articles. If you do fancy one of the more upmarket restaurants, at many places a set lunch is usually a lot cheaper way to try their food than eating a la carte in the evening.

And of course a big benefit of visiting HK is that a big part of the holiday is just experiencing somewhere very different by wandering around. We've got guided walks in the city, or one that's greener, and the HKTB also give routes for walks. Most of the things to see & do listed here and here just need to pay the fare on public transport to get there.

So, plenty to do that isn't expensive - have fun!


guesthouse and big thank you!

Thanks MrB!

The guesthouse were really helpful, even let me make a reservation sans credit card!

Really nice community you got going here.

Keep up the good work,