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Hi, Mr. Tall

I've being searching all over the web and trying to find English reviews about the Russian circus in Chimelong complex. I finally found yours.

I wonder if you could please tell me your opinion, is it worth watching for adults? I mean, when I think of circus I imagine clowns, animals and acrobats, unless the show in Chimelong is like Cirque du Soleil?

My father who lives in ShenZhen says the show had great presentation and wants to bring me and my American friends (all adults) to watch the show.

If it is just another show like the one in Window of the World, I would rather not make the trip....

Please advise.... Many thanks


Chimelong recommendation

Well, it's a tough call. I enjoyed the show a lot, but then we were there overnight, and the circus was just one of the things we were doing there.

I'd say it's about a 50-50 split between clown and animal acts, and more 'atmospheric' production numbers with dancers, acrobats, etc. Some of the acrobatic acts were really good, both visually and in terms of the contortions and maneuvers the acrobats were executing.

I've never seen the Cirque du Soleil or the one in Window on the World, so I don't have any grounds for comparison there. I agree with your uncle that the presentation was impressive; overall it was a lot better than I was expecting.

The amphitheatre the show takes place in is quite impressive -- in size, at least -- although the seats are just plastic, so it's not exactly luxurious. It's also not air conditioned.

Are you planning to stay the night at the hotel, too?

Hope this helps.

Mr Tall

I found some information in

I found some information in a Chinese newspaper and briefly translated it for your reference.

The Cirque du Chimelong has already run for 6 years. The show opens everyday with a capacity of 8,000 seats. It has experienced three enormous renovation. The first version is called Galaxy Star, the second one - Moon Show and the current one - Forest Code which presents the theme of the harmony between human being and wildlife.

Forest Code is very popular and successful since it opened to the public at the end of last year. During July and August, there were more than 4,000 visitors going to the show every weekday and more than 10, 000 audience at weekends, beacuse they added one more show on Saturday.

In fact, the show is more popular in the Hong Kong market than Guangzhou local market. Many Hong Kong people go here particularly for that attraction. The most popular company-TVB in Hong Kong even made a TV drama called The Bitter Bitten (the link of its video: based on the Chimelong circus (Moon Show) and its safari park.

The 80-mintue show currently comprises of Kazak Horsing, Russian Flying Trapeze, Russian Swing to Silk, Ukrainian Clowns, American High Dive, Thai Monkey & Hippo Comedy, Colombian Devil Wheels, Chinese Elephants, Chinese Sea-lions, Kenyan Acrobatics, White Tiger Magic and Bungee Jumping etc.

The set is decorated with tropical rainforest theme. The stage is surrounded by a water channel. At its front is a 4-meter deep water pool for high dive. The wing for animal acts can come down to the same level as the stage, which provides more space for other acts.
Advertising video link:

Hi, Mr. Tall and Chris_hgl

Hi, Mr. Tall and Chris_hgl

Thank so much for your informative reply.

It sounds like it is worth a try.

We are not goint to stay overnight. My father has a complex in ShenZhen and we will be staying there (for 6 days!) so I am really scraching my head hard and trying to figure out what to do in ShenZhen and the surrounding area.

Anyway, it will only be a day trip to GuangZhou and in the afternoon we plan to go to Panyu and see the show.


Well, have a good time, and stop by and give us a report after you've seen the show if you can.