How much salary to expect


I am planning to take up a job in Hk.Final talks on way.I would like to know what will be a good salary to ask my prospective employer.I will be joining as a manager in manufacturing industry(global company).

Any website, giving more details on this?


how much to ask for . . .


It's really tough to give advice on just how much you can ask for. The most help I can give is to suggest browsing through want ads for similar jobs, as some of them might give an indication of what the going rate for salaries in the field might be. You can find links to HK job ads at the end of the following article.

Mr Tall

Salary or Pagkage

Hi. I would like to know how much for salary that I have to get if I'm dicision to work in HK. I'm electrical engineer. I have 8 year for experience.

Hong Kong salaries

I'm not sure exactly what you'd earn, but some useful sites that might give you an idea of salaries for similar jobs include the Government quarterly report, and Manpower's annual survey.