Cycling in Hong Kong

I am about to relocate to Hong Kong from the UK and am an enthusiastic cyclist. I am being told that I should sell my bikes here as I will have no opportunity to use them- I have both mountain and road bikes and was wondering what the cycling opportunitites were like in HK and whether there were practical and affordable options for storage between rides. I would prefer not to have to stack the bikes up in my appartment. I would be grateful for advice.

cycling in HK

Hi anon; There have been several comments on this topic here at batgung. Try this thread; and then see the comments after this article.

Storing a bike is not a minor issue if you're living in a small flat. Some housing developments here have dedicated bike parking zones, but they're often swamped, and you can't bank on getting one. Many also don't allow you to leave your bike out in the corridor (even if you'd want to). If you lived in the New Territories, as one of the commentors on that linked thread suggests, and found 'village house', i.e. low-rise, accommodation, you'd likely have a balcony or small patio or other outdoor space where you could leave a bike. Otherwise, it can indeed be tough!

Readers, any other suggestions?

Mr Tall

Riding on the bicycle

One concern is the place you work & the place you live.  If you live & work in the same district within New Territories (e.g. Sha Tin District or Tuen Mun District), then it might be fine as there are local cycle tracks.  It is more difficult to ride across the districts and the Transport Department is planning to link up the discrete cycle track networks in the NT, but it will take years to complete the connections.

If you live in NT & work in Kowloon Peninsula or Hong Kong Island, then it is more problematic.  Riding the bicycle from NT to Kowloon, via the hilly roads during the morning rush hour is a suicidal attempt.  Crossing the Victoria Harbour with the bicycle is another headache.  Public buses don’t take bicycle nor does the Star Ferry.

Riding in the country parks is fun, but needs permit, & safety comes first.  Catching the taxi with the bicycle is subjected to extra charges.



Cycling in Hong Kong

Thank you all- this regrettably tallies with what I was told over here so it looks as if I will be selling my bikes. I am gutted but I shall cheer myself up by planning some of the other activities I have read about on this site.

more on bicycles - updated

There are bicycle packing facilities across New Territories, as Mr Tall mentioned the parking zone provided by the housing estate, or the one outside railway stations. But it is extremely rare in Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, virtually does not exist. 

After all, you would probably end up as a “Sunday Driver” if you opt keeping to ride.  Finally, bicycle is bigger than Plasma TV.

Mr Tall and gweipo have some articles.



This paper has the dteails.

Cycling in Hong Kong

Hi! There is in fact loads of cycling ops in Hong Kong. Check out my journal

Your best bet is to store it with the Friendly Bike Shop in Mui Wo, Lantau Island. They charge about HKD 300 per month. Hope this helps! Gearoid.

Cycling in Hong Kong

Gearoid, I just took a look at your site and it's a great resource for anyone interested in cycling around Hong Kong. Nice work!

You have no idea how much

You have no idea how much you have cheered me up. Although my move is now imminent, I have been finding the one excuse after the other not to sell my bikes (I know what this will sound like to many but once I have done some serious mileage on a bike, I can't think of it as just a mode of transport any longer...) and have been cooking up all sorts of schemes to hold on to them for the time I shall be in HK. Imagine how gutted I would have been to discover all the cycling opportunities and my bikes sitting in storage in the UK!

Love the journal!

Cycling in HK

Hi- I just relocated from San Francisco and was told by many not to bring my bike. But, have discovered that there are a few cycling opportunities on Hong Kong Island. On the south side of the Island, I saw a pack of cyclists climbing a mountain road just today...and also discovered out of Happy Valley a cycling group that goes at 5 a.m., before the roads get crowded. Add to that opportunities to cycle in other parts of APAC, and I opted to bring my bike. Cheers.

Lantau Island

I caught the #23 bus down from the Buddha yesterday and there was some crazy dude with a racing bike going up the hill. Seems to me as though he has found somewhere worth riding - awesome scenery if a bit precarious.

HK Magazine this week

HK Magazine this week had a section on biking.  The sites they recommended were:

Asia Pacific adventurers:

Crosscountry HK:

International cyclists to asia:


They also had a list of bicycle shops.

Fold it

I know it's different, but I strongly suggest buying a folding bike out here. I bought a Dahon, 20 inch wheel. I can fold it and stuff it in a bag and I'm good to go on the bus mtr or whatever. Dahon makes some nice high end folding road bikes and downhill too. Check out there is a shop list on the site.

Cycling training rides

I have been in HK now for 4 months, and my bike has just arrived. I have been looking for a cycling team to ride with on the weekends.

Can you share the details of the 5am cycling group with me?

I'd be keen to join you/them for a ride...



Check out my HK cycling suggestions and google maps: