My UK television

My husband and I will be relocating to HK in a few months time and I'm wondering if my Panasonic plasma tv will be compatible or if I'm better off buying new out there? And where are some good places to shop for appliances and furniture?

We spent 3 months living in HK last summer but we were in a serviced apartment so had no need for this sort of thing.

Just trying to figure out what to ship and what to leave...


Hong Kong TV Standard

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Hong Kong uses the UK Pal-I standard for analogue TV broadcast, so your Plasma TV should be compatible. Electricity voltage here is more or less in the same range as UK as well. I am uncertain whether your plasma TV is HDTV compatible, however.

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ship or buy

There is a topic similar to yours.

Most people give a thumb down when consider shipping.  And, plasma TV is quite fragile & big.

MrB & Mr Tall have articles about buying electronics.



shipping a tv

I agree with isdl -- shipping involves a lot of potential hazards. It's so easy to just get a new one here, and prices are not bad. You also have to take into account what it would cost you to ship and install your current model here. And if anything went wrong with your shipped-in TV, you'd have to pay up front for repairs here; a new one would get you free installation and a warranty, which are both nice to have. I'd buy a new one, I think.

Mr Tall 

Thank you

Thanks guys.  You've made that decision really easy for me.  The tv stays behind.


little black box

You need access to the cable or satellite signal if you want to watch UK programmes.  This will give you more nightmare as there is extra “little black box” to go with the TV – more “connectors, plugs & systems”.

Ultimate solution: portable DVD player with build-in LCD screen & no zone restriction?


Macau for

Macau for furniture!
Otherwise, Shambala over in Aberdeen is lovely!