Firstly what a good site,

My wife is a very good fashion designer and may have a gob offer in HK, but i have type 1 diabetes, would this be a problem for us? i have had a look on the Gov of HK site and cant see anything, can anybody help?

many thanks


re: Diabetes

Hello Jonathan,

I'm not sure what type of problem you're worried about - please can you explain some more?




Diabetes is treated in HK.

There is a Diabetes association called Diabetes Hong Kong <http://www.diabetes-hk.org/> that works to advocate and help people w/ Diabetes.

Queen Mary Hospital (on HK-side) has a Diabetes Centre


I think any public hospital in HK is capable of treating it. Consider sending email to DiabetesHong Kong with your particular questions and concerns.


Health care

Yes, Jonathan -- if you could be more specific about your concerns, it would help. I'm not sure what you're looking for in terms of government policies or services. There is an adequate public health system run by the Hospital Authority, although many HK people opt for private care, which is also widely available. One thing to check in your wife's job offer is if health care insurance is included, whether you as her spouse are covered, and whether a pre-existing condition such as your would be covered, too.

If you're concerned about the standard of health care in HK, you really needn't be; it's quite high. And as skmama so helpfully pointed out, since Type II diabetes is a common affliction among Chinese people as they age, there's lots of experience here in treating it (although I realize it's somewhat different from your Type I).

Diabetes - Organisations and Dietitians

As previously mentioned, Hong Kong has an excellent health system.  Since diabetes is quite common amongst Asians, alot of information and services are available for diabetics.

You might find this site useful for (Diabetes Hong Kong) http://www.diabetes-hk.org/

There are also various accredited dietitians in Hong Kong who can help manage your diabetes. There is a private dietitian in Central, Hong Kong http://www.privatedietitian.com

Also I'm sure the hospitals (both public and private) in HK, offer dietetic services as well.