What is living in a Hong Kong high-rise really like? What part of the city is the best to live in? The Batgung answer all your accommodation questions here.

Need rural and easy commute!

Hello all,

I'm currently considering a role in HK, but my partner is an adventure tour guide who loves the country (think white water rafting, kayaking etc). What opportunities would there be for us to combine my city-living and his need for green? I wouldn't need to be in Central every day but wouldn't really like to commute more than an hour.

Is this too big an ask for HK?

Thanks for all your help!



Noise - Mount Parker Lodge

we're just back from Canada, important to look for quiet environment with lots of fresh air. We're considering Mount Parker Lodge in Quarry Bay, but wonder if there'll be any disturbance during sleep(esp in early morning) caused by noise from early morning strollers on the Mount Parker Road nearby and from the planes. If you're staying in the neighourhood, grateful if you can share your experience.


Which is the best flat to live in?

You've found an area of Hong Kong you like, and chosen a development you're happy with. Now how do you choose the best flat?

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Living the big estate life in Hong Kong

Many of the excellent reader comments made on this article about the cost of living in Hong Kong have focused on the relative merits of keeping a car here, and how having one can be crucial if you’re living in a village outside Hong Kong’s urban areas. Read more »

How to buy a flat / apartment in Hong Kong

If you are planning to buy your first flat (aka apartment or condominium) in Hong Kong, you’re probably wondering how to get the best deal, while avoiding any expensive mistakes. Read on for Batgung's recommendations on trouble-free house-hunting.

Town planning in Hong Kong, part II

As I mentioned in my previous article on Hong Kong town planning, it's curious -- in a wonderful way, of course -- that Hong Kong's extreme population density, coupled with 'Radiant City' town planning that's produced mostly urban hellholes in other countries, has resulted in a very livable city that's among the world's safest. Read more »

Town planning in Hong Kong

I've recently read a classic book on town planning, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, by Jane Jacobs. Jacobs burst on to the town planning scene with this book in the early 1960s, and has been the sage of what's been termed 'New Urbanism' ever since. She unfortunately passed away recently. (You can find a fairly recent interview with her here if you're interested.)

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Two square meter man

I've griped about it myself: pollution and a general indifference to the environment in Hong Kong. But in one way, at least, Hong Kong is surely one of the world's most environmentally-sound cities. How can that be, you ask, through a haze of air pollution, standing next to a harbor that's a toxic soup? Read more »

Where in Hong Kong should I live?

Question: What part of Hong Kong should I live in? How do I find information about places to live in Hong Kong?

What's the cost of living in Hong Kong like?

Question: How about some basic info on things like rent prices, typical wages, cost of living, etc?

Mr B replies: For wages, a rough translation is that an HKD monthly salary is about the same value as an equivalent GBP annual salary (e.g. getting HKD30K a month is like getting GBP30K a year). Accommodation may be more expensive (though it's dropped a lot in the last six years), but you'll pay a lot less tax. I felt better off here on the same salary.  Read more »

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