Noise - Mount Parker Lodge

we're just back from Canada, important to look for quiet environment with lots of fresh air. We're considering Mount Parker Lodge in Quarry Bay, but wonder if there'll be any disturbance during sleep(esp in early morning) caused by noise from early morning strollers on the Mount Parker Road nearby and from the planes. If you're staying in the neighourhood, grateful if you can share your experience.


Mount Parker Lodge - Nice Place for Living

We have been staying in Mount Parker Lodge for 3 years now and thoroughly enjoy the place. Other than fresh air and very green, quiet environment, high utilisation rate (84%), rectangular-shaped living/dining areas, a FREE outdoor swimming pool (open 6 months a year), a small children's playground, and a public park nearby, the Logde is just 5-10 minutes' walk to almost everything - a library, fresh market (with some superb seafood stalls), Wellcome, MTR, buses, tram, minibus, Jusco, Citiplaza, Island East, and the Quarry Bay Park and Promenade.

Our flat is facing the hill in the mid-level of Mount Parker Lodge, just opposite the walking trail, but the "morning noise" issue is negligible as far as we are concerned. Indeed, AFCD is planning a small leisure area opposite to Woodside, and morning strollers will likely gather there once the work is completed later this year.

Before moving in, we had shopped around a lot of places in Quarry Bay, viewed many flats in Kornhill and Westlands Garden, still prefer here, as it is a lot cheaper and quieter (upper Kornhill also good, but less convenient, must take green minibus). Mount Parker Lodge is lesser known, as many may think it is remote from the map. We are lucky to have visited a friend's place in MPK, seen the place for ourselves, and have loved it since.


I refer O&S's note of June today (22 Aug 08). He is outright correct, from my experiece in having been in MPL for over 12 years now. I also faced the Red House and my wife came back from the quiter env of Canada. Noise has never been a problem for my over 4,300 days here.


Woodside...The Red House

I was one the lucky people who once lived in the Red House - Woodside!. I lived there at various periods from 1986 till 1997 July. Morning noise was a problem, but then the walking trail ran right under my bedroom on the second floor. There was also an early morning exercise class conducted right in the Woodside Front Garden. But we did not was all part of the atmosphere.... We were also guilty of making some noise, once, someone from Mount Parker complained to the police that the music from the live band that was playing Jazz at Woodside that night was too loud. The police came all the way up to the house to investigate and then decided to stay over to enjoy the Jazz till the session finished precisely at 11:30, the time we had the permit from the district office!.

I just found a new URL that lists Woodside now as a Grade II historical building in HK. Brings back fond and working for ICA at Woodside. Here is the url: 

Woodside sketch

Hi Aruna,

We are thrilled by your interesting recollection - how we wish we were there listening Jazz in Woodside!

We are living in Mount Parker Lodge, facing the Red House. Here's a sketch of it from our window, using ink and a toothpick :)


Woodside sketch link