Accomodation Recommendation & Tax/MFP Question

Hi - I've recently been offered a role in Hong Kong wiht the office based out of Wanchi. I would appreciate some advice on accomodation and suitable areas. I'd be living by myself with semi regular commutes back to Australia.

I am new to Hong Kong but have previously lived in Singapore. I have two questions regarding accomodation and tax/MFP that I am hoping readers will be able to assist with.

1) Looking for reasonable priced accomodation within walking distance or train ride to Wanchi. I've been told that the Mid Levels maybe suitable but know nothing of them.

In terms of accomoation - not sure on pricing but would like to not pay more than HKD$20k per month for the following and want to know if this is realistic:
Furnished apartment or studio with a relatively high floor, possibly sea views, a good sized bed, laundry faciltiies within the room (washer/dryer, small kitchentte with cooktop and microwave, dishwasher, shower, high speed internet connectivity, large screen tv with cable.

2) The second question relates to HK tax and MFP. I have dependents in Australia that I will be sending money back to - can I claim a dependent tax allowance for my wife and children even though they reside outside of HK and secondly - with the MFP contributions, when I return to Australia what happens to this.

Please advise.

re:Accomodation Recommendation & Tax/MFP Question


  • Within walking distance - look for places in Wanchai.
  • By public transport - depends how long a commute you can stand. Anywhere on HK island is likely to be ok. If you live on a bus route that runs to/through Wanchai that opens up more options.

One approach is to use the gohome website to get an idea which districts have rentals with furniture in your budget. Then stay in a hotel here for the first 2-4 weeks and visit property agents in the areas you have identified to find the place to live.

No idea on the tax, but you'll get the MPF back when you leave.