Sending Flowers ?


I found your site after a long search,  it was fun reading genuine experiences of Mr Tall.

Here is what I am looking for. I am from India and am  looking for sending  flowers to my fiancee. I looked around and found some exorbitant prices for sending flowers from some US stores....I am looking for a more local-personalized store/website. 

Do you know websites/people who send flowers?

I will be visiting Hongkong in december and lookforward to see this wonderful city.


Thanks again.


Sending flowers

I've used these guys many times.  Their prices are reasonable and they offer an excellent service:

Hope this helps, Manny



Any More?

Thanks Fiona,

 Does anyone know of any more sites/stores that provide this service?


Sending Flowers

I';ve used these online flower companies in HK. Good service and nice flowers selection