flight booking??

Hi All,

 I am looking to book tickets locally from hongkong. Do you know of any reliable websites/ travel agents, who can give the best deals for international travel, say US etc.

How do you all residents take care of travel arrangements? While in the US there are several sites that help get the lowest cost, I was wondering if you have similar websites in Hongkong?

please share your experiences and contact numbers if any



Booking flights from Hong Kong

For our flights to the UK, or mum's flights from the UK to here, I just check & book online with the airlines' websites. There are no more than 10 airlines we'd check, so it doesn't take too long, and I'm not aware of any better deals on the big websites.

We're travelling with kids and booking several months in advance though, so we can't use any of the 'lastminute' type of sites.


online vs agent prices

funnily enough we've found that the airline online prices can be quite a bit more expensive than going through an agent which we find very unusual.  We use farrington travel.