Ladies get together


I'm a married Hong Kong expat, and I'd love to find a FEMALE ONLY travel friend around 40 to ocassionally travel with or to just socialise with while passing by your country.

I'm expecting to be in Hong Kong in Feb (extendable) and Nov 2010, and hope to backpack/volunteer in south China/Guilin in order to learn about my Asian roots/Mandarin and proper Chinese cooking, with a special interest in seeing my first Chinese New Years and Spring Festival. Read more »

flight booking??

Hi All,

 I am looking to book tickets locally from hongkong. Do you know of any reliable websites/ travel agents, who can give the best deals for international travel, say US etc.

How do you all residents take care of travel arrangements? While in the US there are several sites that help get the lowest cost, I was wondering if you have similar websites in Hongkong?

please share your experiences and contact numbers if any



Long Weekend Get away destinations

Hi - in Boston when long weekends hit lots of people head to the mountains (winter) or the beach (summer). What do HKers do? Do people make an exodus to the new territories or somewhere else? Or do people just fly to Phuket? thanks

Storage space and expats from cold climes?

We're from New England and are considering a move to HK. We have a lot of winter gear that will get no use in HK. But what about a winter trip to Switzerland or even S. Korea for skiing? Or just back to the US to visit family (two different US cities that will be cold). It seems strange to store our boots, gloves etc for 50+ weeks but what's the alternative? What do most of you do with those uncommonly needed but still needed things?

thanks to all for a great site and board -

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