Ladies get together


I'm a married Hong Kong expat, and I'd love to find a FEMALE ONLY travel friend around 40 to ocassionally travel with or to just socialise with while passing by your country.

I'm expecting to be in Hong Kong in Feb (extendable) and Nov 2010, and hope to backpack/volunteer in south China/Guilin in order to learn about my Asian roots/Mandarin and proper Chinese cooking, with a special interest in seeing my first Chinese New Years and Spring Festival. Read more »

Communities and meeting people

My wife and I are considering a move to HK. We're both great at making new friends here in New England but wanted to know how/where most of you made your friends? Are they your neighbors? colleagues? mates from the local pub? Or did you meet them at an organized activity of some sort? Did other expats make intros for you? Thank u

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