Long Weekend Get away destinations

Hi - in Boston when long weekends hit lots of people head to the mountains (winter) or the beach (summer). What do HKers do? Do people make an exodus to the new territories or somewhere else? Or do people just fly to Phuket? thanks

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Hong Kong has both beaches and lots of good hiking. And there's quite a bit to do in the New Territories and islands. If you want to get out of town, this article has some ideas. Macau is the standard getaway, but lots of people do just as you suspect and fly out to any of a number of destinations around Asia


Don't laugh, but I've been hearing a lot from people going to Shenzen for a break.  We personally have been to china village and windows of the world and some friends have been to what they described as very nice beach hotels in the area. I can try and get some more details.

A personal favourite of our family is Sanya (Hainan island)