How to get foreign employees to Hong Kong (visa)


We are planning on starting a sistercompany in Hong Kong, but have a lot of questions about how to get workvisa´s for our employees the easiest way.

The thing is we expect to have consultants from europe work for us for a period of 2-4 weeks 4 times a year. This means we have to get workpermits for these consultants every time ?? Even if they are the same people ?

Could it in any way be easier to make a contract between us in a foreign country and the customer in Hong Kong, and then send consultants to Hong Kong to do the work ?

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short-term work visas

Carsten, thanks for writing in with this question. I was hoping someone would step in with an account of a similar situation, but no luck! I truly don't know the answer to your question -- the visa regulations from the Immigration Department don't really make it clear how this kind of situation should be handled. They seem more concerned with people moving here and working on longer-term contracts. Have you contacted the Immigration Department? I think that might need to be your next step.

Short-term Work Visas

This has always been a bit of a grey area.  There are really only several types of visa:  tourist, work, dependent, training, education.  It's hard to make a short-term employment or consultancy fit into these.

As Batgung Admin says, yours best bet is definitely contacting the Immigration Department and relaying your specifics to them for advice.  They are always helpful.

 You can read a bit more


but it's not all that descriptive for your particular issue.  I do know that I've had to process a business visit visa for those who don't carry a passport granting automatic visitor's visa upon arrival.

 A lot of people get by on tourist visas for short visits, but if you demonstrate a pattern of frequent visits, it's more than likely that difficult questions may be asked.  Always better to come clean with them at the start, I find.  They don't want to be an obstacle to business in Hong Kong, they just want to ensure we are all here 'legally' if in employment.   Which is fair enough.

 Good luck, sorry I couldn't be of more help.



Will the consultants receive benefit of any kind in Hong Kong or they will receive the benefits back home?  If they don’t appear in the payroll nor signing any paper, then it might be easier, an ordinary visitor visa might do.  Otherwise, they have to go through the immigration, tax, labour, mpf,…

Obviously, if the consultants are in professions like doctor or engineer, then they need to contact the corresponding governing bodies as well.

Frequent travel should not be an obstacle, as long as there are sound reasons.  I've seen business people coming six or seven times a year, attending the trade fairs & stay a fortnight every trip.

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short-term work visas

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