Need rural and easy commute!

Hello all,

I'm currently considering a role in HK, but my partner is an adventure tour guide who loves the country (think white water rafting, kayaking etc). What opportunities would there be for us to combine my city-living and his need for green? I wouldn't need to be in Central every day but wouldn't really like to commute more than an hour.

Is this too big an ask for HK?

Thanks for all your help!



Sai Kung

Sai Kung is probably the best area for those types of activities, but you certainly wouldn't need to live there to get to enjoy them and I am not sure how long the commute is to Central from there. Unless you have a car you would have to rely on taxis or the bus network at least to get to the nearest MTR station (probably Hang Hau).

To be honest, you can live almost anywhere in HK and never be too far from mountains or sea but if convenience of getting to the coast is a major issue for you then You could look into places like Shatin and Ma On Shan - both on the rail network that will get you (with some changes) into Central but also conveient for buses or taxis into Sai Kung.

Also Lantau Island

Phil is right -- Sai Kung is the obvious choice for you, but Lantau Island would likely come in second. 

I don't know if you've read this thread yet, but if not, it'll likely help you out quite a bit.

Good luck with planning your move!

Mr Tall

HK is green

75% of Hong Kong is a natural reserve, FYI.

It is not only about buildings, high rises, but also about hiking, sailing, bufallos and monkeys!! :)