Shipping from US to HK?

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Was wondering if anybody had any good links to reputable companies that would be able to ship a few boxes of my possessions from Denver, CO to Hong Kong? Have contacted a few companies here but none of them seem to have any idea about how long it would take, where I would have to pick them up from...all a bit odd!

So was hoping as it seems a fair few expats frequent these forums if anyone might have some good leads!

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Shipping some boxes to Hong Kong

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Depending on the weight and size, you might like to consider using one of the International Courier services like DHL, UPS, FedEx or even USPS. They all offer some bigger boxes capable of holding up to around 25 pounds. The USPS has Priority Mail Box Flat Rate Box-O-FRB1, holding up to 20 pounds. If your stuffs could be packed into these boxes within the weight limit, it would be much cheaper to use an International forwarder/air-freighter/sea-freighter.

You could always ask these service providers for a quotation.

Hope this helps a bit.

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US Post office


I sent some boxes of my possessions by USPS surface mail to HK back in 1992.  I think it took 10-12 weeks. I sent them to my new office (OK'd it w/ my new colleagues first)  and then when I arrived & had a place, I took them home via taxi.


Thanks guys. USPS unfortunately stopped doing international surface shipping last year for some reason

shipment company

Hi Nic,

Not sure if this will provide help at all, most probably not since it sounds like they provide "relocation" assitance such as moving entire homes, and it seems like you only need to move very few boxes... And if they do, it might cost $$$$.

My company is going to be moving me from Los Angeles to Hong Kong in the middle of June and I've been in contact with a person from this company. The agents are localized, otherwise I would give you mine, so you may call the one near you? If they can't help you since you don't have a lot of them, perhaps ask them if they know of a reliable shipping company for small shipments?

A search in Denver provided these contacts (using their Find an Atlas Agent link on the right side):

I sure hope this help in any way.

Here's one that I found on the web:

Very helpful!

Thanks! No harm in trying them and seeing what they come back with!

updated info

FYI, Atlas has changed to a new web site address: