Working Visa (again)


I need help.

First let me say Thank You for this very usefull forum,

I'd like to ask about working Visa, there are many similiar topic regarding my question but i want to ask about my problem.

I am just a high school graduate, and i am now waiting for my bachelor degree on mechanical engineering on january (next year).

I got an offer from my Aunt in Hongkong to work at her medium size trading company, and i gladly took the offer and she asked me to work there as soon as possible,

so her office send me an application form; i filled the document as a high school graduate, i only attached my highschool graduation certificate.

My question is:

Do i have any chance to get a working permit?  i am just a highschool graduate without any degree or technical qualification.

I am currently a freelance translator (Japanese-English-Indonesian), and also a Japanese language private tutor. I don't have any working experience.

Please kindly respon my question,

Thank You

re: Working Visa (again)

Previous posts have talked about the need for specialist skills that can't easily be found locally in Hong Kong. So I think it's unlikely.

Any chance your Aunt's company needs a Japanese-English-Indonesian translator? If you can prove you have actual work experience in this field, it certainly seems a specialist skill.

Also, since your Aunt lives here is there any chance you have a chinese family background and could use option 3 or 4 here?

Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out.

Regards, MrB