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I stumbled upon this site accidentally and I absolutely LOVE it - it is so hilarious but yet everything stated on the site is ever soooo true!

Anyway, my question for all of you out there is where are the best tailors in HK to go to for custom made men's dress shirts and suits? My bf and I are travelling to HK this Christmas and he would like to get some dress shirts and suits tailor made. Any location either on HK Island or Kowloon will be fine. How long does it normally take on average to have an item made?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Green Apple


Hi Green Apple;

Thanks for the kind words, and the question.

I go to a little tailor shop in the Wan Chai district, and they've done a good enough job for what seems to me reasonable prices (about HKD250 for nice shirts). Unfortunately, the name of the place escapes me at the moment; I'll try to find it this evening.

There are in fact loads of tailors in HK, and many of them are still a good deal. The most famous one for tourists is Sam's, which is in Tsim Sha Tsui. Also, most hotels will have a tailor shop on site (often quite expensive) and there are more scattered around all over the place.

You can usually arrange pretty quick turnaround on tailored clothes here, although you'll likely have to a pay a premium if you want them really quickly, i.e. in a day or two. A week or so would be enough for most tailors, I think.

Other readers? Any experiences in this area?

Mr Tall

Tailor in Tsim Sha Tsui

This tailor was recommended by a friend. I haven't used them, but passed on the recommendation to another friend that is fussy about his clothes, and he was happy with the results:

Danny's Fashion Shoppe
Shop 31, Far East Mansion Arcade
Ground Floor
5-6 Middle Rd.
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Tel: +852 2366 7194



I have had coats, trousers, and shirts done by this shop. I have been well satisfied with the results and the cost.


I have also had several suits made there and had them for nearly ten years now and they are still holding up well. You can negotiate, and I recommend that you do. If they service you outside of Hong Kong, then they overprice the clothing, but ALL the Hong Kong tailers are this way. Suit is about $300 US Shirts about $30-$35 us for custom built shirts. Very reasonable and great quality.

I went to HK in jan/feb 06.

I went to HK in jan/feb 06. I bought 2 suits, 3 shirts and 3 ties from Euro Fashions. It is on Lock Rd, adjacent to Nathan Rd, Kowloon. The 2 guys there are fantastic, and so are the chotoo who get you drinks whilst deciding!

I'll try post some pics.

I love HK. I totally want to move there, from Australia. It is fun.

Tailors in Tsim Sha Tsui

I have been buying suits & shirts from ther for over 10 years and can highly reccomend them. They are good quality, middle of the road tailors. If you want very good suits, Zenga quailty fabrics & excellent tailoring go to Boscos in Prince Arcade.

Custom tailors

Do you have a phone # for them.and/or website.
I will be traveling there soon.However, I wanttocontact them beforehand
to get items.
Do you have Zenga fabrics Versace from them OR Zenga quality?



I have been using Danny since 1995, once or twice a year I travel to HK and have Mr Singh make me a suit, shirts and extra trousers plus casual slacks.

They have always been great and the clothes last and last, a couple of the suits are 7 years old and still fine.

The prices are a bit higher than they used to be, but still ok.

Trick with any tailor is allow time to get it right, this means initial visit, and return for fitting, then return for try on and adjust, then you could have delivered to your hotel next day. Allow min 3 days in HK

Also make sure you look at your favorate shirt note everything about it, what syle collar do you want, what shape pocket, pleated front?, pleated back?, what style cuffs, what sort buttons and holes?

Also buying from fabric samples is hard, made up suits and shirts never look the same as sample. General rule of thumb is that fine patterns on sample are super fine when made up, bold strips or patterns become less so when made up.

Have fun.

Custom Tailors

I usually use L&K Tailors in Tsim Sha Tsui. Decent pricing, and they make a good quality suit. One thing that I will point out is that many tailors here have their own opinions about what looks best. If you like the D&G slim and fitted suit, and the tailor thinks that you'd look better in a simple Armani style suit, it's going to be a struggle to get what you want.

I usually buy one designer suit, then take it to the tailors and have them alter it to fit me precisely, then I have them use the suit for measurements and make me a few more suits in different colors or slightly different patterns. Being fairly tall and thin, I've found that desginer suits are the only one that truely 'fit' me the way that I like.

The average person would probably be quite happy walking into any one of the above mentioned tailors and leaving with a custom made suit. As for shirts and other things, sure it's nice to have your custom name label on every one of your shirts (especially if you don't have a washer/dryer in your flat, and you must share with others who feel inclined to borrow your clothes!), but I've found that the materials that most tailors actually have in stock are not of the same caliber as nice shirts you can buy at boutiques. I usually try to browse some of the department stores on the upper levels where they sell fabric. I've found that right around January is the best time to do this, because lots of HKers have clothing made for the New Years around this time. After obtaining said fabric, I then proceed to the tailor and drop off the fabrics, along with a few shirts that I have already, and that I know fit me exactly how I like. The tailor then duplicates the design of the shirt, and I have it modified to my specifications (french cuff, barrel cuff etc..) depending on my general mood at the time.

If you have a lot of clothes made, and you like to design them to your exact needs, don't be afraid to tell the tailor to change things around, that's what you are paying them for.


To be honest I have used Dannys for about 8 years now and find the quality is not what it once was. The rates continue to increase and are very overpriced for what is very poor tailoring. I have been disappointed over the last 2-3 years and have now decided not to use him anymore. Before i accpeted it becasue the rates were good and the tailoring acceptable. Now its expensive and not worth the trouble.


The best place that does excellent work on all shirts that
I know, is Davids Shirts in Kowloon, He has made shirts for me for
30 years easily.....

where is this David guy? I

where is this David guy? I heared alot about him

where is this David guy?

Yes! Please post address and contact number along with price indication for shirts. TIA!

danny's Fashion

Danny's Fashion got thing on lot they did a tux for me and WOW it fit perfect and it was very resonable

Getting shirts made in HK

Hi all,

This thread is a few years old now - any updates on recent successes with tailors?





My husband has had some wonderful tailoring done by British Textile Company (a long-time tailor who has his own team in-house).  They are at : Shop 219, 2/F The Galleria, 9 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.



Great, thanks for the tip

Great, thanks for the tip Fiona.



tailor recommendation

I read through this thread and realized, to my shame, that I'd never provided the details of the tailor I've gone to for some shirts and more recently a nice silk/linen blazer. Since I promised to pass along these details four years ago, I suppose it's about time.

Anyway, it's New World Tailor (nothing to do with the corporate behemoth of the same name), and it's located in Chi Po Building, which is at 309-311 Hennessy Road in Wan Chai. The shop itself is tiny, and it's actually jurst around the corner off Hennessy, at street level. The phone number is 2519 7819.

I was pleased with the work done, the price was reasonable, and the proprietor is very pleasant and accommodating.

afforadble tailor


I will recommend Taj Tailors. I have got few suits and shirts made for me. I have also recommended Taj Tailors to my friends and they are pleased with the price and service.

male tailors

Where is this tailor in Wanchai? Do you know which district?



Excellent Hong Kong tailor

I ordered 2 silk & wool blend business suits with extra pants in 1988 from Danny's Fashion Shoppe in Tsim Sha Tsui.  I also ordered a number of other items.  The price was very attractive, the service was brilliant, but the best thing was that all of the items lasted more than 10 years.  I only stoped using the items because they eventually got stained with so much use despite regular drycleaning.  I ordered some replacements for these quite some years later, and they did the same lasting about 10 years.  I have recently ordered my 3rd set of clothing from them, including the stunning and very practical silk & wool blend business suits.  As well as the excellent and quite reasonably priced service they provide, I missed the closing time at a bank with a very large cash deposit to make.  I ran around the corner into Danny's Fashion Shoppe, gave them the cash with the bank account details to deposit it into in the morning, and then jumped in a taxi to get to the airport urgently.  They deposited it all in the morning, and then rang me overseas to assure me that all was well, and the money was in the bank.  That is REAL service.  I will go nowhere else, whenever I go to Hong Kong.  They get my vote every time.

Excellent experience with Danny's

Over the last 6 months I have purchased 5 suites, many shirts and a winter wool coat.  Sing helped me pick out excellent material as well as suggesitons for design.

Here is their website for contacting them.  I see they also visit the US from time to time for fittings.

Is this an advertisement in disguise?

Hmm - may be I am wrong but it sounds fishy...

looking to get a suit made for $150.00U.S. Dollars

I heard you could get a custom suit done for CHEAP PRICES in HK?I Live Houston Texas,Would Love To Connect With Some Good Tailors,willing to work out a deal


L&K Tailor - the best place to go

If you are looking for a good tailor who takes time for you, gives you good advice and has pretty good fabrics for suits and blouses/shirts for a good price, then you should go to:

L&K Custom Tailor
no.2 Carnarvon road G/F.
Corner of 66-70 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Metro Exit no. D1

We bought a lot of suits and shirts and also a leather jacket and are still more than sattisfied about the quality (even after two years !!). So everytime we are in Hong Kong we go there. Also every year he comes to Holland to dress our relations and friends who are very pleased with the quality he provides.

So the place to go for good suits or shirts is over there........


I highly recommend L&K Custom Tailors.  I found them by pure happenstance.  My brother was in Hong Kong on a trip for his MBA program when a good friend of his got an invitation for an interview in London.   The young man had not brought a suit so my brother tagged along as his friend found (again - purely by luck) L&K Custom Tailor.  At the time my brother only got two shirts made, and he later kicked himself for not getting more work done, as his shirts (made to replicate the Faccionable shirt he was wearing at the time) quickly became his favorites.  My brother kept the calling card from L&K and got on the email list for L&K's sweep through the United States every summer.  Every summer my brother and I take a pilgrimage to see Michael in any number of close cities.  I have gotten an infusion of some shirts, at least one suit and some trousers every year for the past four or five and have always been happy (except that I "grew" since my first L&K suit that no longer fits - my fault, not theirs).  

Michael Lalwani is the traveling hustler behind L&K, and he is a fine gentleman and a man of integrity and talent.  He is very laid back and does not volunteer that much unless you ask, in which case he will give you the benefit of his good taste and judgment.  I recommend that you take Michael's advice, particularly in matching shirts and pants with blazers.  He has a very wide selection of fabrics and his workmanship is very good.  I get compliments all the time when I wear my clothing from Michael (L&K).  

I don't mean to gush, but I just got back from my annual fitting and am excited to get my new clothing.  I had the privilege of having dinner with Michael and a few of my friends following a private fitting and enjoyed the whole experience from top to bottom.  Michael Lalwani and L&K are excellent and great to work with and I can't imagine any reasonable person being disappointed with their fine clothing.

JJ's Tailor

I would HIGHLY recommend JJ's Tailor. I've got my suits and tuxedos for my wedding there and everyone was impressed. The address is:

2nd floor, Suite B, Comfort Building
86-88A Nathan Rd.
TST, Kowloon, HK

It is the building next to SASA, MTR exit B2 a min. walk from HSBC. Honestly, I would not go to the tailors at ground levels or on the streets as they often cost much higher since they would need to cover higher rents.  I have heard many good things about JJ's Tailor and always recommend my friends for suits and shirts.

You can contact them for an appointment and he also travels around the world for his clients.

the website for JJ's Tailor

the website for JJ's Tailor is actually Hong Kong Tailors

Ive been visiting Hong Kong for years, on business, so have a lot of experience with Hong Kong tailors. Ive been very happy with Noon Tailor in the Peninsula Centre -

Unlike many of the tailor shops, Rayman, the tailors are professionally trained, with over 20 years experience, and speak perfect English. In my earlier days I was snagged by some low priced deals but you're better off paying a bit more, and then having a professional tailor see you.

They also now offer an online service for dress shirts, and i think tailored suits have been introduced recently, so you can build up a relationship with them in Hong Kong, and then have the convenience of ordering when abroad as well.

Ive used Jantzen in the past for online orders, but their infamously poor customer service, and inconsistent standards, drove me away in the end.

Noon tailor

Dear Brian

I am using Noon Tailor almost 3 year their service and quality both are perfect, i always highly recommend my friends, visit their web page at for more detail.