Local Primary School update please

Dear Mr. Tall, 

I really appreciated your information on applying for local schools.  My elder child attends CIS but we decided to send our younger child to local school for the discipline and to enhance his Chinese.   We are currently undergoing the application process.  

I would love an update on how your daughter is enjoying her educational experience at her Famous Girls School.  I have heard that there are quite a few foreigners and mixed kids at the top DSS schools.  Do you find this to be true? Also, do you plan to stay at local school until graduation?

Thanks again!


Experience so far in a local school

Hi Anon;

Thanks for your questions! I have not really written about Daughter Tall's experience at her school for several reasons: 1) I was (and still am) more interested in the school choice process than in the schooling itself; 2) I'm reluctant to go into too much detail, because I want to maintain some privacy for both our family and the school itself; and, similarly, 3) Daughter Tall is now well capable of reading and understanding this site, and I don't want to burden her with an extensive paper trail, anonymous as it might be.

I will say that we are very pleased with her school so far. It has pretty much lived up to its billing: extremely well-organized; good teachers; strong emphasis on extra-curricular activities (Daughter Tall's very busy indeed with speech, music, etc.); and a demanding-but-not-impossible homework load. Our daughter still can't wait to get on the school bus each morning, and that's always been my ultimate litmus test.

Her school has no 'foreigners' that I know of in the sense most local people use that word, i.e. entirely non-racially-Chinese kids. There definitely are some girls with at least one overseas Chinese parent, and there are of course some mixes -- maybe one to three per year or so. But the vast majority of the girls are local Chinese.

We certainly have no plans to look at other schools, even well down the road.

I wish you the very best of luck with the application process!