The Millionaire Po-Po Next Door

I was standing in the "regular customer" line at the HSBC bank as usual, waiting for the bank teller. As my eyes randomly looked around, glancing through the stock ticker screen, I noticed that a po-po (elderly lady) living in the same building as my flat also arrived to do some banking. She came in her usual attire, dark colored long-sleeved shirt and trousers, donning a woven wool bonnet, (it was in the winter then) sitting in her wheelchair pushed by a household helper. I tried to wave to her, but she didn't notice me. She seemed to be in good spirits, looking more vibrant than usual. The helper pushed the wheel chair past through the regular line and headed straight to the purple, white and red sign - "HSBC Premier".

A 20-something bank employee came out to greet the po-po, "Chang-po-po, how are you doing today?"

"I would like to see Miss Chan, Manager Chan."

"Sure, please come in!"

And then her wheelchair disappeared behind frosted glass doors - in the world of millionaire customers.

Wow, and I didn't know after all these years she is a millionaire. Boy, I really would like to be like her when I am her age. Hopefully I would be able to walk in without a wheelchair though.

re: The Millionaire Po-Po Next Door

I've got a similar tale - some time before online payment, I was in a queue waiting to pay a government bill of some sort. Probably a couple of $100 for rates.

In front of me were three old men, who'd kick a cardboard box along each time the queue inched forward. When they got to the counter, they pushed the bill over to the cashier, the lid came off the box, and out came the payment in bundle after bundle of notes! I remember thinking there must have been hundreds of thousands of dollars at least.