Professional Photographers in Kowloon

Hi all!!


I will be travelling into Kowloon roughly at the beginning of march and was wondering if anyone knew any places where I could get a professional photography session. Im getting married in 8 months time but i would love a photobook with professional wedding pictures made up for me as getting donw in my own country seems abit too steep!!


Does anyone have a contact number or address of where this can be done?

Wedding photographers in Kowloon

A friend that got married last November has the best photos I've seen. But their photographer followed them around on their wedding day, and seemed to catch every important moment in just the right way.

I think you're asking about the studio style where they pose you in different clothes and imaginary locations, and you get a book of photos at the end. Is that right?

I'm sure I've seen groups of these studios in a couple of places around Hong Kong. I'll let you know if I see any, but can anyone else give names of any streets or areas that have these? (HK Island should be ok too - it's only a few minutes awayfrom Kowloon by MTR).

MUSE in Kowloon

Over the holidays, I caught a news program reporting on a budding wedding photographer by the name of MUSE.  According to the progam, he is in increasing demand due to his unique artistic style.  He did come across as a nice fellow. Otherwise, I have no first hand experience of his work. You can check online to see if his artistic style suits yours.


Yeah, sorry i was looking for

Yeah, sorry i was looking for Studio photographers - I went on holiday last year to HK and coming out of the airport and i saw a gentleman hading out business cards and fliers!! its was just that i was too stupid that i didnt think to pick one up!!

Wedding photography studios

I was in Tsim Sha Tsui this morning, and checked the area I had in mind. If you walk along the section of Kimberley Road on either side of the junction with Observatory Road (see blue line on map below), you'll see lots (10+) of shops selling wedding-related services. Several offered photography, and some looked like that's all they do.

So if you take a walk along there, you should find what you're looking for. Let us know how it turns out,


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Thanks for all your help MrB,

Thanks for all your help MrB, i will definately check it out when i get there!!!!